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Unmanned Aircraft commonly known as drones are becoming increasingly common for marketing (aerial photography), surveys (building roofs, tall chimneys) and research activities (land and water surveys in Geography projects).

Other terms frequently used for this type of equipment:
SUA - Small Unmanned Aircraft
UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UAS - Unmanned Aircraft System

Such devices clearly give advantages over manned craft but there are a number of safety issues that must be addressed before we either contract in the services of a third party drone provider or allow UoN staff or students to construct and/or fly such equipment.

University Guidance has been produced to cover the following two areas of drone work:

  1. Hiring of a third party company to provide aerial information using drones or similar craft. This mainly covers the due-diligence checks that must be made before permitting the work to take place. For reference, please see University guidance and the specific authorisation form available to be used for recording the checks.
  2. In-house construction of drone equipment and using university staff or students as pilots.

If you have any queries about drones, please contact Safety Office ( or the Estates Helpdesk.


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