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Minibuses - Driving on University Business

Licencing Requirements

There are some particular restrictions that apply to drivers of minibuses. Those who passed their car driving test before 1st January 1997 may drive minibuses with up to 16 passenger seats and tow a trailer exceeding 750kg, subject to a vehicle/trailer combination limit of 8.25 tonnes (gross vehicle weight), until their current driving licence expires. This applies within the UK.

Familiarisation Training (UK driving licences pre 1/1/1997)

Any person wishing to drive a minibus and holding a driving licence that was issued before 1st January 1997 is required to undertake an assessment via the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MIDAS). This is valid for 4 years after which it must be refreshed. Similarly any minibus driver with the D1 entitlement on their driving licence must also undertake MIDAS refreshers every 4 years from the fourth anniversary of the licence issue date.

Training (UK driving licences post 1/1/1997)

However, those passing their car test from 1st January 1997 may only drive vehicles up to a maximum of 8 passenger seats. To drive minibuses with 9 to 16 passenger seats an additional driving test is required to obtain Category D1 (or D1+E to tow a trailer exceeding 750kg) entitlement on their licence.

Authorisation of Minibus Drivers

All minibus drivers must be notified to the University Insurance Manager (Commercial Services) on the form below in accordance with the University Code of Practice. There is a minimum age (for insurance purposes) of 25 for driving minibuses belonging to or hired by the University.

Approval of Drivers to Drive Minibuses in Accordance with Minibus Code of Practice MS Word Icon

Minibus Driving Abroad

When taken abroad, minibuses must be fitted with a tachograph and Procurement must be informed. Any members of the University driving a minibus abroad must pass the D1 test independently of when they passed their car-driving test. Documentation is also required: "Own account certificates" if the minibus is owned by the University and "Waybills" if the minibus is hired. Procurement has copies of these forms.

University Code of Practice

For general safe use of minibuses, please refer to the University's Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Minibuses PDF format.


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