Health and Safety


The term placement refers to a period of work experience with an employer (the placement provider) which is an integral requirement of the student's University course and are typically commercial or industrial situations.

The primary responsibility for the health and safety of placement students lies with the employer providing the placement. However, the University has produced guidelines to ensure that placements are satisfactory in terms of their health and safety standards. Each School is responsible for having adequate arrangements in place.

The University's full guidance is available: University Placements Guidance document PDF format.

In Summary

Below is a summary of the key steps to take to ensure the health and safety of students whilst on placement:

    1. Undertake a Risk Assessment (see guidance section 6) - consider Work factors, Travel and Transportation, Location and Regional factors, General Environmental factors and Individual Student factors (see Guidance on Risk Factors).

Risk Assessment Form  MS Word Icon

Risk Factors to take into consideration (Appendix 1) PDF format

  1. Clarify expectations with Placement Provider (see guidance section 6.2)
  2. Undertake placement visit to make checks (optional, see guidance section 6.3)
  3. Prepare student(s) (see guidance section 6.4 and Appendix MS Word Icon pdf PDF format), includes insurance section and student declaration.
  4. Formally approve Placement Provider (see guidance section 6.5 and Appendix)
  5. Monitor the placement throughout (see guidance section 7)
  6. Review the placement/placement providers (see guidance section 8)

Any concerns that a student has about health and safety standards at their placement should be notified to their academic supervisor. If the placement is outside of Great Britain then appropriate personal travel insurance should be taken out and due consideration to any additional hazards associated with the country being visited.


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