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Ionising Radiation - Registration and Training

This page provides details of the training provided for

New Radiation Workers - Introduction to Safe Working

All new radiation workers are expected to attend one of the University Training Introductory courses for Safe Working with Radiation.

In general, the introductory radiation safety talks are held at University Park and Sutton Bonington, both in October/November and February/March.

Information on training dates is accessible via the Dante Delegate Planning System, which enables participants to book themselves onto the course and emails details and reminders etc to them. (This does require the participant to have a University IT account to be able to do this, which can be problematic for late arrivals to the University and precludes early booking. For this reason, whilst the preferred method would be for radiation workers to book themselves onto the course via Dante the session is open to those that turn up without prior booking).

A register will continue to be taken and copied back to RPSs.

A course handout is available - Radiation Talk Notes PDF format.

New Radiation Workers Training Notes

If you have recently attended the University's Introductory Radiation Training Course the presentation slides are available PDF format. There are also Ten Golden Rules PDF format for working safely with radiation.

The Contamination Control video illustating good practice in working with radiochemcials can be run in sections as follows:

  • Introduction - risks, licencing, laboratory design.
  • Getting started - laboratory signage, isotope selection, justification for use.
  • Setting up your workstation - use of benchkote, trays, screens, personal protective equipment.
  • Withdrawing stock - checking for contamination, practising the technique, record keeping.
  • Working with Iodine-125 - additional precautions and checks, disposal of aqueous waste (applies to any isotope).
  • Monitoring for contamination - when and what to monitor; how to monitor; selecting and using a radiation montor; wipe testing of surfaces; records of monitoring.
  • Dealing with a contamination accident - personal decontamination; decontaminating the laboratory; precautions to be taken; finding, assessing and dealing with the contamination (decay; shield or decontaminate?).

Radiation Protection Supervisors' Training

Radiation Protection Supervisors are required to attend the RPS course detailed below (please note, this training is undertaken off-site). This should normally be completed before taking over in this role:

Stephen Green & Associates Ltd

Little Oaks, Shipdham Road, Carbrooke, Norfolk, IP25 6SX


Tel: 01362 822066 

Applicants should contact the Safety Office in the first instance before booking directly. The certificates are issued post course via the Safety Office.

The courses are usually held at a major pharmaceutical company, or occassionally at a university. They are interactive, have a pre-course pack sent out which includes a Questionnaire on the regulations, have practical and syndicate exercises and a validated assessment at the end.

The radiochemical training course lasts two days and is run approximately 3 times a year.

This course is suitable for anyone who is working with isotopes, unsealed or sealed sources.

The x-ray training is a one-day course.

Upcoming Dates

RPS Course - Open and Closed Sources (Radiochemical)

Next Dates: Thursday 15th/Friday 16th October 2015

Cost: £415 per delegate plus VAT (£498)

Location: Holiday Inn, Cambridge

RPS Course - X-Ray Users

Next Dates: Wednesday 14th October 2015

Cost: £270 per delegate plus VAT (£324)

Location: Holiday Inn, Cambridge


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