Health and Safety

Ionising Radiation

The use in the University of radioactive materials and apparatus producing ionising radiation is governed by the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999. The acquisition and disposal of radioactive materials is regulated by the Environmental Permitting Regulations PDF format, which are enforced by the Environment Agency. The Director of Health and Safety exercises general supervision in these matters.

The University's arrangements for managing work with sources of ionising radiation are described in: Safe Working with Radiation PDF format.

Key Administrative Elements

  • The Safety Office must be pre-notified of any intention to commence work with radiation sources for the first time, or at a new location, or with new sources, or for a new application using existing sources.
  • Each School working with radiation sources must appoint at least one Radiation Protection Supervisor.
  • Each School must develop a set of written Local Rules for safe working with radiation.
  • Each School must register radiation workers with the Safety Office using the University Registration Form.
  • Each School must pre-notify to the Safety Office the intention to acquire, relocate, modify, decommission or dispose of closed radioactive source or X-ray equipment.
  • Each School must pre-notify to the Safety Office the intention to work with radiochemicals.
  • Prior to working with radiation sources, a risk assessment must be completed and written procedures for use produced. (Closed/X-ray Source Risk Assessment Form; Open Source/Radiochemical Risk Assessment Form)
  • No radiation work may be carried out without the knowledge and consent of the Radiation Protection Supervisor and the Safety Office.
  • The transport of radioactive material between campuses and/or other organisations is subject to a range of legal requirements and associated record keeping. The Safety Office must be notified of such transfers. 

Radiation Licences / Certificates

  • One of the reasons for the above controls is to ensure that work is carried out in compliance with the licences (otherwise known as Certificates or Environmental Permits for recently issued licences) issued to the University by the Environment Agency under the Environmental Permitting Regulations.
  • Certificates of Authorisation (or Environmental Permits) regulate the accumulation and disposal of waste (principally radiochemicals) and place limits on isotopes and quantities by specified routes within a given time period.
  • Certificates of Registration (or Environmental Permits) allow the holding of stock or items of radioactive subtances - open sources ( i.e. radiochemicals), closed sources (i.e. discrete functional sources within items of equipment) and mobile sources (i.e. within portable measuring instruments)

Current versions of the University's Certificates can be accessed via a restricted part of the Safety Office workspace.

Access to laboratories where the Trefoil Radiation symbol is posted on the door is strictly limited to authorised personnel.




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