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Radiation Forms

Please see the various forms relating to ionising radiation projects, workers, RPSs and inspection.

The Safety Office address for forms is Safety Office, Pharmacy Annex, University Park, NG7 2RD.

For queries please email

Radiation Protection Supervisor - Notification of Appointment MS Word Icon - Individual to complete and send to Safety Office prior to starting radioactive work.

New Radiation Workers Registration Form MS Word Icon - Individual to complete and send to Safety Office via their RPS prior to starting radioactive work. Please submit this with the Local Rules Acknowledgement Form (below).

Local Rules Acknowledgement Form PDF format- Individual to complete, scan and email  to confiirm that they have read the University Local Rules relevant to their work. This is to be submitted at teh same time as the New Workers Registration Form (above.)

Open Radioactive Sources - Proposal for New Work or to Extend Existing Work MS Word Icon(Rad 1) - This is to be completed by the Principal Investigator, countersigned by the Radiation Protection Supervisor and forwarded to the Safety Office for approval. Approval must be received by the Safety Office prior to commencing work. The Safety Office will review whether the proposed work is compatible with the facility, the local managemnt arrangements and the Regulatory Permits (EA and HSE).

Request for the Acquisition of Closed Radioactive Sources MS Word Icon(Rad 2) All intended purchases of closed radioactive sources, whether as a stand-alone source or embedded within an item of equipment must be notified to the relevant Radiation Protection Supervisor and the Safety Office before purchase. The Safety Office will review complaince with the Environment Agency Permit and HSE Registration in case modification is required before the source is brought on site. The Safety Office will also assess the suitability of the location, the radiation protection requirements and the security and accounting arrangements for the source.

Proposal for the Acquisition of X-Ray Generating Equipment MS Word Icon(Rad 3) All intended purchases of X-ray generating equipment must be notified  the Safety Office before purchase. This form should also be used for notifying proposals to modify or relocate the equipment. A risk assessment is also required with the notification - form Rad 6.

Request to Decommission Equipment Containing a Closed Source MS Word Icon(Rad 4). To be completed prior to movement of a source or of an item of equipment containing a source to another laboratory, workshop or storeroom either permanently or temporarily, for example during a refurbishment. The Radiation Protection Supervisor must be notified in advance of any intention to modify the arrangements for storing or using the sources, including their relocation. The form is submitted to the Safety Office for approval before the change is made.

Risk Assessment for Work Involving Open Radioactive Sources MS Word Icon(Rad 5) This is for use primarily for radiochemicals.
Risk Assessment for Work with Machine Sources of Radiation MS Word Icon(Rad 6) A machine source includes both equipment containing a sealed radiation source and X-Ray equipment.
Radiation Laboratory Decommissioning Record MS Word Icon(Rad 7)
Proposal for the Relocation of X-Ray Generating Equipment MS Word Icon (Rad 8)
Dosimeters - Declaration of Contamination Check Prior to Return MS Word Icon(Rad 10)
Radioactive Waste Transfer Note - Medical School Use Only MS Word Icon- to be used to accompany solid and organic liquid radioactive waste when disposed of to the disposal contractor (accessible via Workspace only).
Annual Inspection Checklist MS Word Icon(Also available in PDF format PDF format)
Radiochemical Laboratory Condition Checksheet  MS Word Icon- for completion at a minimum of 6-monthly intervals to review the physical condition of the fixtures and fittings for deterioration affecting contaminatio control.

Safety Office

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University Park
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Telephone: +44 (0)115 951 3401