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Work Related Stress


Work Related Stress

Stress is defined as the adverse reaction a person may have to excessive pressures and demands placed upon them. The university has a duty to manage work related stress as it does for any other hazard present in the workplace. How this is done is outlined in the Managment of Work Related Stress Policy 

Management of work relates stress must be approached proactively by undertaking a risk assessment at business unit level (or team level where needed) and developing action plans.

The university has committed to running a Workplace Stress and Wellbeing Audit every 5 years which will be used to inform the risk assessment process and action planning.

Where individuals are experiencing excessive pressures an individual risk assessment can be completed by the line manager.


Workplace Stress and Wellbeing Audit SharePoint


 Management of Work Related Stress Policy  

Business Unit Stress Risk Assessment Form

Individual Stress Risk Assessment




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