Health and Safety


Please see the University's general Health and Wellbeing information on the Human Resources Website. 

The key safety-related policies supporting staff health and wellbeing are:

Psychological Wellbeing and the Avoidance and Management of Stress

Stress is an adverse reaction displayed by a person to excessive pressures and demands placed upon them. Stress will reduce a person's ability to function effectively and if prolonged may damage their psychological wellbeing. Psychological wellbeing is as important to an individual as good physical health and can affect their efficiency and effectiveness whilst at work. This is recognised by the University and a policy for psychological wellbeing and the avoidance and management of stress is in place. Please refer to Section 3 of the University Staff Handbook (available from the Human Resources Department Website). The policy outlines steps for the management of stress, information on factors that are known to increase stress and the recognised signs and symptoms of stress.

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No Smoking Policy

It is the policy of the University of Nottingham to provide a working environment which is free from tobacco smoke. Smoking will not be permitted in University buildings, other than in certain private areas of residential accommodation, or in vehicles used in connection with the University's business.

The University will adopt the policies of host organisations on whose sites it operates in relation to smoking in areas other than within University buildings.

No Smoking Policy PDF format

Alcohol and Drugs

The University recognises that the excessive use of alcohol and drugs can lead to increased risks of accidents in laboratories and workshops etc. and to long-term adverse effects on the health of the individual concerned. The following advice is given in the hope of reducing the incidence of these adverse affects. This should be read in conjunction with University guidelines concerning associated welfare aspects.

Alcohol and Drugs Policy PDF format


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