Schools and Colleges Outreach FAQs

Schools and Colleges Outreach FAQs

We have provided some answers to questions that we frequently get asked about the service that we provide:

Who should I contact about schools and colleges liaison at the University of Nottingham?

For Primary outreach please email -  

For Pre 16 outreach please email - 

For Post 16 outreach please email 

For more general enquiries, please e-mail and we will put you in touch with the correct team


How much do these activities cost?

All activities offered by the Widening Participation and Student Recruitment Outreach team are free. There may be some costs attached to activities that we advertise on behalf of our faculty contacts.


How far do you travel?

Our Primary and Pre 16 Outreach teams work with local schools within the East Midlands.  Our Post 16 Outreach team works nationally.  We try to work with as many schools and colleges as we can. However, as a small team, we are unable to accept all the requests we receive.


How can my students make their application stand out?

The applications that your students make to the University are carefully reviewed by our admissions team; the personal statement is one of the main ways that students can stand out from other applicants. 

If you would like us to visit you to deliver a personal statement session for your students, then please contact us. 


Do you run conferences for careers advisers and teachers?

Yes we do – we run one on campus here in Nottingham which covers a wide range of subject areas, designed to provide you with more information about the University of Nottingham. 

We also run one in London in partnership with the University of Birmingham This is a slightly smaller event but provides you with an overview of the higher education landscape and further information about course areas. 

For further details visit our Nottingham Conference and London Conference pages. 


Can you come into school and talk about Engineering/Medicine/History etc. to our pupils?

This is a service that the Post 16 Outreach team will look into although we are not able to fulfil all the requests we receive. Please do get in touch to discuss this further. 

We also offer subject specific webinars. To view our scheduled sessions visit

We advertise events on behalf of our faculty contacts, so please contact us if you would like to be on the mailing list. We also have a web page with information about what individual departments can offer.

Do you offer activities for students studying on an access or vocational course?
Our Widening Participation and Student Recruitment Outreach team offers a variety of activities for students studying an access course or vocational course within the East Midlands.  Please visit our dedicated webpage for further information.