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Summer School Ambassador profiles

Our Summer School Ambassadors are vital to the success of the programmes we run. Have a look at the profiles below to find out more about the ambassadors who might be working during your summer school.


Adil – medicine

When I was in sixth form, I was lucky enough to hear about the Nottingham Potential Summer School. As part of the programme, I got the opportunity to experience a week as a university student. Coming to university was not something I was always certain about, but by the end of the week I just wanted to stay! I was safe in the knowledge that Nottingham was the place for me and more importantly, I had experiences and made friends that I’ll always remember. I left feeling inspired and I realised that attending university is achievable if I work hard. It also highlighted all the countless extracurricular activities it has to offer. Whatever you think about university, I would 100% recommended you to check it out!

Carliene – philosophy

I think this is one of the best ways to experiencing university before you actually start your degree. You attend taster lectures, get involved in a wide range of activities and make new friends from all over the country, just like you’ll do when you start uni. As ambassadors, we make sure you have an amazing time and will continue to support you afterwards through the mentoring programme. By the end of the week, you won’t want to leave!

Georgia – sociology and criminology

I was lucky enough to attend when I was in Year 12, taking part in the Sociology, Theology & Ethics strand. I had the most amazing week and made so many new friends that I knew Nottingham was the place I wanted to be. I now study criminology and sociology at Nottingham, and became a Summer School Ambassador last year. I really enjoyed getting involved alongside the participants and helping them to have the same great experience that I had. Make sure you get involved – you won’t regret it!

Tolu – architecture

I have been a Summer School Ambassador for two years now and it has been such a fun programme to be a part of. The most rewarding part for me is seeing everyone come out of their shell over the six days as they get stuck into the academic and social activities and form new friendships. As a mentor, I get to support participants after the programme has ended, helping with UCAS applications and giving advice about university.

Tom – nursing

This is an incredible opportunity that gives you a real idea of what university will entail; lectures and seminars as well as an insight into the societies and 'fun' side. Coming onto the summer schools gives you an insight that no other experience can give. You'll gain first-hand experience of the incredible teaching you receive as a student. Not many people get this insight before starting a degree!