Summer School Ambassador profiles

Summer School Ambassador profiles

Our Summer School Ambassadors are vital to the success of the programmes we run. Have a look at the profiles below to find out more about the ambassadors who might be working during your summer school.


George - English and French

 George SSA

Hi, my name’s George and I’m in my final year of studying English and French. I absolutely love my course because of its diversity, from linguistics to literature, to film and history, there’s a total range on offer. There’s also the additional bonus of being able to go on a year abroad, which was an amazing experience for me in France, making friends with people from all over the world and experiencing a new culture. What’s more, it’s all thanks to Summer School that I chose my course in the first place! During it, I could see the sort of topics and subjects on offer at university, which were way beyond anything I had studied in Sixth Form. My fondest memory though was competing as teams in a quiz night with people who I’m still friends with now! After all being quite nervous to go, we ended up staying in contact and were all raring to study at Nottingham. No matter what, you will end up taking something useful away from this experience so I would really recommend attending the Summer School!



Hamza - Medicine

 Hamza SSA

Hi everyone, my name is Hamza and I study Medicine at the University of Nottingham. My favourite part of my course is learning anatomy, physiology and pathology whilst getting the opportunity to do full-body dissection. I also love interacting with a diverse range of people. I am part of many societies including Teddy Bear Hospital, where I get to help reduce the fear of children taking a trip to the doctor by helping their poorly teddies feel better! I attended the Summer School in 2019 as a participant and I can confidently say it was an unforgettable experience. I got to make lifelong friends, get an insight into university life, explore my chosen course, and gain invaluable information on the university application process, all whilst having loads of fun! You get support beyond the residential, all the way until the end of your time at college/sixth form. Now, as an ambassador, I help students make the essential decisions for their future and aid them in their journey to higher education. Whether you think university is for you or not, I would encourage you to apply for the Summer School as it could open a whole range of possibilities for you!



Haajar - Civil Engineering

Haajar SSA


Hi! I’m Haajar and I’m currently studying MEng Civil Engineering. I have learnt a lot of new technical skills from my course, as well as having the opportunity to improve my soft skills.

Outside of my studies, I enjoy playing basketball. I am also a member of the UoN Islamic Society, and have been attending their events and socials, as well as volunteering and baking for charity bake sales.

 As a previous participant and a current ambassador, I can say that summer school gives you a great taster of university life. I understand that university is not for everyone, but I would highly recommend applying for summer school to discover whether it is for you.



Nathania - Medicine

 Nathania SSA

My name is Nathania and I am currently studying Medicine. Medicine can be quite intense but I enjoy the combination of interacting with patients and applying my scientific knowledge to help patients get better. I work part time for University events such as open days and Widening Participation events, particularly for students applying to Medicine. I also work as a tutor to help students who are applying for Medicine improve their interview skills. If I’m not teaching or studying, I enjoy binge watching shows and eating good food. Summer school is an amazing opportunity that gives you the chance to talk to people that both do your course and make friends with people who you may study with in the future. Students grow so much in confidence and self-esteem in just a week, it’s wonderful to see. The best part as an Ambassador is now seeing participants in the years below me and soon to be on the wards with me. I would highly recommend the Summer School programme for your personal development and as something that stands out in your university application.




Rachel – Criminology and Social Policy


Rachel N

Hello! I’m Rachel & I’m a second year student studying criminology and social policy. My course has been absolutely amazing so far; I love the variety I have had to choose from this year for my modules. I’ve found I had lots of choice of all areas regarding social sciences so I could try something new other than just typical criminological topics. I’m in the process of applying for an internship year and my department has been absolutely amazing at showing us placements that are best catered to our course. This will hopefully be an amazing chance to increase my skills and employability, I’m really excited to get to apply the knowledge I have learnt from my modules into a real life setting. The Sutton Trust summer school massively helped me decide upon this path. I initially was interested in studying philosophy and did that strand for my week in year 12; however I found I enjoyed the ethics of punishment topic within that massively and did more research which led me to this degree. Without this experience, I never would have realised that a criminological based degree would be something I enjoy so much as my sixth form did not offer subjects like this. Aside from all of the academic bonuses of being apart of a summer school, I made lots of friends that also chose Nottingham and see them often. I’ve pushed myself to be involved in the summer school committee and absolutely love being apart of something that benefitted me so much when I was contemplating University.