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Nottingham Summer School FAQs

Nottingham Summer School FAQs

You will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked Nottingham Summer School questions below. For any other queries, please contact us at summer-school@nottingham.ac.uk
What will the Nottingham Summer School do for me?

It will provide you with first-hand experience of university – both campus life and academic courses. This experience will help you make important decisions about your higher education options and build the skills you need to follow your chosen route. After you have attended, you will receive ongoing advice and guidance throughout year 13 via Sutton Trust Online and our UCAS support programme. This will include personal statement reviews, mock interviews for clinical courses, finance and accommodation talks and more. You will be able to use TAP online messaging to keep in contact with the Ambassadors and staff and get answers to all of your questions this important time.

Upon completion of the summer school, you will be eligible for an enhanced contextual offer if you apply to Nottingham. This could be worth up to two grades lower than the standard offer for most courses (please see further details in the Contextual Offer FAQ below).

You could also earn £1,000 a year (per year of study) if you complete the summer school and enrol as an undergraduate at the University. (Please note: this applies to students who qualify as "Home" for fees purposes only). This is in addition to any other financial support you might be entitled to.

What will I do on the Nottingham Summer School?

You will stay in a hall of residence on the University Park Campus and enjoy meals in the hall dining room or other student cafes on campus. You will attend four mornings of academic sessions delivered by leading researchers and lecturers related to your chosen subject stream.

In the afternoons, you will benefit from a range of skills development and social activities, including: personal statements, higher education finance, additional admissions tests, careers, leadership and sports activities and more. You will also complete a group work project with some of your fellow participants.

The evening social activities will provide you with a variety of opportunities to get to know the ambassadors and other participants, while exploring more of the university experience and developing further skills. The week finishes with the Celebration Evening – the perfect end to a week you won’t forget!

Will the Nottingham Summer School be residential or delivered online?

The Nottingham Summer School is usually a residential experience where participants can explore the campus and experience student life for themselves. Due to the global pandemic, the 2020 summer school was delivered digitally via Sutton Trust Online. This was a great alternative, and Nottingham had the best participant engagement of all the 20+ Sutton Trust Summer Schools.

For 2021, we hope to be able to return to residential delivery to give our participants the confidence and independence which comes with a stay on campus. The dates we have advertised are based on this model of delivery. There is a possibility, however, that due to ongoing Covid restrictions, we are unable to invite guests onto campus. In this case, the Nottingham Summer School will be delivered digitally on Sutton Trust Online. Dates for online delivery are listed in the academic strand details if they are different to the residential dates.

We will inform participants of whether the summer school will be residential or digital at the time of their acceptance onto the programme in April.

Please note, benefits such as enhanced contextual offers and the bursary apply to Nottingham Summer School completers regardless of the delivery type.

What do I have to do to get a place on a summer school?

You have to be studying in Year 12, going into Year 13, and attending a state-maintained school/college. Places are limited and selection is based on a number of school and personal criteria.

Applications are all made online through the Sutton Trust and the links will be available on these webpages from 11th January. Applications will close at midday on the 2nd March, and we’ll contact you in early April to let you know if you have a place.

Can I apply to more than one summer school?

This year, all of Nottingham Summer Schools (including Nottingham Potential) will be run in collaboration with the Sutton Trust and will go through their application system. This means you can only apply for one summer school at Nottingham or any other university on the Sutton Trust system.

We would advise that you select a summer school course (university and subject) you are seriously considering for UCAS and which offers the additional benefits (contextual offer/bursary) that might help you most.  You should also tick on your application that you would consider other summer school courses, as then you will then be eligible to receive a place on a related strand if your first choice is full.

If you are already on a Sutton Trust Pathways scheme or US Summer School, you will be unable to apply for the Nottingham Summer School. In this case, you could still explore Nottingham and earn the bursary and contextual offer by applying for our Ambition scheme, please contact us at ambition@nottingham.ac.uk for details of how to make a late application.

How much will it cost?
Nothing. The Nottingham Summer Schools are free and travel costs will be reimbursed. You can actually gain money as there is also a £1,000 a year bursary available to all who successfully complete the programme and then study with us!
What will the Student Ambassadors be like?
They are all current students at the University, so they fully understand the kinds of choices you are now facing. They can tell you about why they decided to go to university and their graduation plans, as well as answer all your university and UCAS questions. Many of the Ambassadors actually attended the Nottingham Summer School themselves, so can empathise with how you might be feeling.
Will I get a contextual offer if I do the Nottingham Summer School?

If you complete the Nottingham Summer School, you will be flagged for an enhanced contextual offer if you apply to the University of Nottingham. This means that you could receive an offer two grades lower than the standard offer for the majority of courses at Nottingham. There are some courses that are exempt from this scheme, including foundation courses, Flying Start Accountancy, Physiotherapy, and Veterinary Medicine. Medicine will make an offer one grade below the standard offer if you accept Nottingham as your firm choice. Please contact the Summer School Team with any specific queries about contextual offers.

What is Sutton Trust Online?

Sutton Trust online is a digital platform which all Nottingham Summer School participants will have access to from the time of summer school through year 13. The platform provides a comprehensive support package to assist participants in making decisions about university and succeeding in the UCAS process. It includes an online personal statement builder, a bank of academic talks representing a huge range of courses at different universities, support materials for additional admissions tests and interviews, and more. Plus, it includes the popular TAP messaging service, where participants can check out current student profiles from the Sutton Trust universities and message them with questions.

If the Nottingham Summer School needs to be delivered online, we will use Sutton Trust Online as the portal for all sessions and activities.