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November 2001 

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Book Reviews

Action/Spectacle Cinema: A Sight and Sound Reader edited by José Arroyo
Screening Violence edited by Stephen Prince
A Review by Mark Gallagher

The Birth of Whiteness: Race and the Emergence of U.S. Cinema edited by Daniel Bernardi
A Review by Eithne Quinn

British Cinema: Past and Present edited by Justine Ashby and Andrew Higson
A Review by Jonathan Murray

A Chorus of Raspberries, British Film Comedy 1929-1939 by David Sutton
A Review by Alan Burton

Cutting Edge: Art-Horror and the Horrific Avant-Garde by Joan Hawkins
A Review by Matthew Hills

"Film Europe" and "Film America": Cinema, Commerce and Cultural Exchange 1920-159 edited by Andrew Higson and Richard Maltby
A Review by Ronald W. Wilson

Television, Globalization and Cultural Identities by Chris Barker
Modernity and Postmodern Culture by Jim McGuigan
A Review by Herman Wasserman

The Musical: A Concise History by Jurt Ganzl
A Review by Ruth Doughty

Planet Hong Kong: Popular Cinema and the Art of Entertainment by David Bordwell
The Cinema of Hong Kong: History, Arts, Identity edited by Poshek Fu and David Desser
A Review by Leon Hunt

Satyajit Ray: In Search of the Modern by Suranjan Ganguly
A Review by Subrata K. Mitra

Visions of the East: Orientalism in Film edited by Matthew Bernstein and Gaylyn Studlar
Orientalism by Ziauddin Sardar
A Review by Patrick Williams

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Film Reviews

All film reviews

The Apartment (dir. Billy Wilder, 1960)

A Review by Richard Armstrong


Brother (dir. Takeshi Kitano)

A Review by Jon Wisbey


23rd Cinema Du Reel Film Festival, Beauborg Museum, Paris

A Review by Ruth Perlmutter and Archie Perlmutter


Enemy at the Gates (dir. Jean-Jacques Annaud, 2001)

A Review by Ted Johnson


A Ma Soeur! (Fat Girl) (dir. Catherine Breillat, 2001)

A Review by Sally Hussey


Les Marchandes de Sable (dir. Pierre Salvadori, 1999)

Le Petit Voleur (dir. Erik Zonca, 1998)

Tontain et Tonton (dir. Toni Marshall, 1998)

Les Terres Froides (dir. Sébastien Lifshitz, 1998)

La Voleuse de Saint-Lubin (dir. Claire Devers, 1998)

Nadia et les Hippopotames (dir. Dominique Cabrera, 1998)

A Review by Adriano Piccardi


Goya in Bourdeux (dir. Carlos Saura, 1999)

A Review by Antonio Lázaro Reboll


Jesus' Son (dir. Alison Maclean, 1999)

A Review by Marion Muirhead


The Tailor of Panama (dir. John boorman, 2011)

A Review by Jacob R. Smith


Voyages (dir. Emmanuel Finkiel, 1999)

A Review by Kimberly Lamm

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Conference Reports

All conference reports

Defining Cult Movies: The Cultural Politics of Oppositional Taste — A Report by Andrew Caine

Society for Cinema Studies Conference (2000) — A Report by Sean Griffin

Film Stars in the Nineties — A Report by Cynthia Baron

Style and Meaning in the Cinema — A Report by Peter Harcourt

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