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February 2002 

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Book Reviews

The Analysis of Film by Raymond Bellour
A Review by Herman Wasserman

Dreams within a Dream: The Films of Peter Weir by Michael Bliss
A Review by Graeme Harper

The Films of Fritz Lang: Allegories of Vision and Modernity by Tom Gunning
M by Anton Kaes
A Review by Dana Polan

Magical Reels: A History of Cinema in Latin America by John King
A Review by Dolores Tierney

Mean Streets and Raging Bulls: The Legacy of Film Noir in Contemporary American Cinema by Richard Martin
A Review by Karen McNally

Reel Nature: America's Romance with Wildfire on Film by Gregg Mitman
A Review by David Ingram

Reinventing Film Studies edited by Christine Gledhill and Linda Williams
A Review by Kirsty Fairclough

Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom by Gary Indiana
A Review by Luca Prono

When Hollywood Loved Britain: The Hollwood "British" Films 1939-1945 by J. Mark Glancy
A Review by Ian Brookes

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Film Reviews

All film reviews

America's Sweethearts (dir. Joe Roth, 2001)

A review by A. Mary Murphy


Best in Show (dir. Christopher Guest, 2000)

A review by Kate Egan


Exit Wounds (dir. Andrzej Bartkowiak, 2001)

A review by Francis W. Grady


Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (dir. Hironobu Sakaguchi & Motonori Sakakibara, 2001)

A review by Nira


Harry, Un Ami Qui Vous Vent Du Bien (dir, Dominik Moll, 2000)

review by Marco Mancassola


Highlander: Endgame (dir. Doug Aarniokoski, 2000)

A review by Marion Muirhead


Moulin Rouge (dir. Baz Luhrmann, 2001) 

A review by Elizabeth Abele


Nightbreed (dir. Clive Barker, 1990)

A review by Jay NcRoy


The Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema  

A review by Ruth Perlmetter and Archie Perlmetter


Planet of the Apes (dir. Tim Burton, 2001)

A review by Geoffrey Weiss


Pollock (dir. Ed Harris, 2000)

review by Lisa Rull


Shrek (dir. Andrew Adamson & Vicky Jenson, 2001)  

A review by Rebecca Farley

Sweet and Lowdown (dir. Woody Allen, 1999)  

A review by Bill Davis

This Is Spinal Tap (dir. Rob Reiner, 1984)

A review by Paul Binnion


Tron (dir. Steven Lisberger, 1982)

A review by Will Brooker

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Conference Reports

All conference reports

Men's Bodies — report by Tom Wilkinson

Society for Cinema Studies Conference (2001) — report by Matt Hills

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