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Issue 24 — October 2012 

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Book Reviews

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Jacques Rivette by Douglas Morrey and Alison Smith 
Alain Robbe-Grillet by John Phillips
A review by Jonathan L. Owen

Music and Politics by John Street 
Wagner and Cinema edited by Jeongwon Joe and Sander L. Gilman 
A review by Nathan Waddell

Disney, Pixar, and the Hidden Messages of Children's Films by M. Keith Booker
Demystifying Disney: A History of Disney Feature Animation by Chris Pallant 
A review by Noel Brown

Virtual Voyages: Cinema and Travel edited by Jeffrey Ruoff
Cinematic Journeys: Film and Movement By Dimitris Eleftheriotis 
A review by Sofia Sampaio

Jerry Lewis by Chris Fujiwara 
Atom Egoyan by Emma Wilson 
Andrei Tarkovsky by Sean Martin 
A review by Adam Jones

The Comedy of Chaplin: Artistry in Motion by Dan Kamin 
Disappearing Tricks: Silent Film, Houdini and the New Magic of the Twentieth Century by Matthew Solomon 
A review by Bruce Bennett

Von Sternberg by John Baxter 
Willing Seduction: The Blue Angel, Marlene Dietrich and Mass Culture by Barbara Kosta 
A review by Elaine Lennon

Soldiers' Stories: Military Women in Cinema and Television Since World War I by Yvonne Tasker 
A ‘Toxic Genre': The Iraq War Films by Martin Barker
A review by Jay Reid

Lost in Translation: Orientalism, Cinema, and the Enigmatic Signifier by Homay King 
Theorizing Bruce Lee: Film-Fantasy-Fighting-Philosophy by Paul Bowman 
A review by Lin Feng

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Film Reviews

All Film Reviews

Dust (Polvo) (dir. Julio Hernández Cordón, 2012)  

A review by Miharu M. Miyasaka

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Conference Reports

All Conference Reports

The Distribution and Exhibition of Chinese and Asian Cinema in the UK — A report by Jonathan Wroot

Deleuze, Guattari and China Symposium — A report by Yun-hua Chen

The Cinema of Sensations: Fourteenth International Film and Media Studies Conference — A report by Francesca Hardy

Time Networks: Screen Media and Memory — European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS) Conference (2012) — A report by Nessa Johnston

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