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If you want to make a positive difference on your course and represent your peers, then this could be a great role for you.

What is a course rep?

Course reps are a vital part of our student voice. Through gathering feedback from your peers, sitting in key meetings and by lobbying or campaigning for positive change, you can make a real difference to the academic experience of those on your course.

Course reps are given full training from the Students’ Union (SU) and offered ongoing support from their school, other reps and the SU all throughout the year. This includes accreditation opportunities and further skills development.

How do I apply?

Every student who wants to be a course rep can be. We are now operating a system of voluntary sign-ups for the roles and there are no caps on how many reps there are per course. Plus, every single course rep will come from sign-ups via this system, so it’s the same process for all undergraduate, postgraduate taught or postgraduate research students alike.

You need to sign up between Monday 21 September and Friday 2 October. We will then email all reps a confirmation email and a link to access your training. 

If you have any issues completing the form or further questions, please get in touch with our team at the SU or your school directly.



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