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Returning and renewing

  • Ordinary loan books may be returned to any library using the self service machines, at the Lending/Circulation Desk or in the book return boxes (when the library is closed).
  • Short loan books must be returned to the library you borrowed them from.
  • You are personally responsible for any books you have borrowed until the loan is cancelled.
  • Books can be renewed online via NUsearch or at a self service machine or in person at a Lending/Circulation desk, unless they have been recalled.

Methods of returning and renewing

Returning items





Renewing items

Most books can be renewed online by signing into NUsearch [UK: NUsearch; China: NUsearch-UNNC; Malaysia: NUsearch-Malaysia] or NUsearch [UK, China, Malaysia]. Exceptions include:

  • Short Loan Collection items
  • Overnight loans

These must always be returned and renewed in person

And you will not be able to renew books if:

  • Books have been reserved by another user
  • You have a substantial outstanding fine
  • You have a requested book that is overdue

Local details



  • On NUsearch
  • Circulation desk (only if having problems with the system)





Fines [UK, China, Malaysia] are payable on all late returned library material. If your total fines build up to 10 yuan (China), RM20 (Malaysia), your card will be blocked to prevent any further borrowing, renewing or reserving of items until the fine is paid in full. UK students- pay your fines online if they are over £3.

Your library account

You can access your library account through NUsearch [UK: NUsearch, China: NUsearch-UNNC and Malaysia: NUsearch-Malaysia] and log in via the 'My Account' tab. If you are not logged in you will be prompted to identify yourself.

  • Enter your username and password .
    • your username and password are the same as your University login.

Changing your Library PIN

Your Library PIN is the last four digits of your library card number. You will need it to use self-service machines. We strongly recommend that you change your initial PIN, to a PIN of your own choice, as soon as possible. Your Library PIN must be 4 numeric digits.

  • University of Nottingham UK students- change your pin in NUsearch by choosing the 'change pin' tab.
  • University of Nottingham China students- change your pin in NUsearch by choosing the 'change pin' tab.
  • University of Nottingham Malaysia students- change your pin in UNMCLOC by choosing 'user' then the 'change your pin' option.

The user record allows you to check details of:

  • Loans
  • Loan History
  • Hold Requests and Booking Requests
  • Cash transactions
  • Your email address

You can also:

  • Change your PIN
  • See any library messages
  • Renew books

Please remember to logout before leaving a catalogue terminal in the library so that your details remain confidential.

Students working in the library

Returning or renewing books




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