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Health & Safety in the Workplace

Everyone has the right to work in a healthy, safe environment. It is a well established fact that unionised workplaces with active safety reps are safer workplaces. Unite safety reps have a range of functions which they can exercise at work.

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Safety Committee

The University Safety Committee concerns itself with the safety of all members of the University, staff and students alike, and those who are not in the University employment such as visitors, and seeks to ensure that they are not exposed to risks to their health and safety while at the University. Membership of the Committee includes senior representatives of University and Faculty management, Safety Representatives appointed by the Trade Unions and Students' Union representatives (See our Safety Reps page for our Representative). The International campuses are also represented.

From June 2014 the Safety Committee was expanded to incorporate the previously separate Statutory Safety Committee that had been established at the request of Trade Union Safety Representatives under the provision of the Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974 and its relevant Statutory Instruments of 1977 for consultation with employee representatives and to secure co-operation and co-ordination of safety matters.

Minutes of Safety Committee and Statutory Safety Committee Minutes are available to staff on Workspace. Alternatively please contact the Safety Office, email bb-safety-office@exmail.nottingham.ac.uk.

Find out more about the Safety Committees activities and terms of reference.

What to do if you have a health & safety problem at work

Our branch has nine Safety representative who are also supported by Unite regional and national health & safety staff. Unite Branch Safety reps deal with issues locally. If you have a health & safety question and cannot find the answer from our useful links contact us for assistance.

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