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There are many ways in which individuals can support the continued development of The University of Nottingham. Many high profile and successful individuals from our alumni community, the local community and global businesses decide that standing for a position on University Council is an excellent way to contribute. Membership enables them to:

  • Apply their own business knowledge, expertise and success to the unique challenge of advising a University
  • Bring their creativity and imagination to a new challenging sector of business
  • Support an influential University with international campuses and global contacts
  • Become part of a network of leading thinkers and business minds working together to the benefit of The University of Nottingham
  • Get first-hand understanding of some of the brightest minds and cutting-edge research.

An unusual business

Universities tend not to be like any other business.  Our business is knowledge, education and thought-leadership.  We have objectives and methods of working that are unique from commercial businesses.  This difference often appeals to new external members of Council and challenges them also to think in new ways and work in a new and exciting environment.

At Nottingham we have a strong commitment to developing the finest students and world-class research.  Our campuses span Europe and Asia, and our students and academics come from all over the world.  By becoming a member of Council, you help to support a global community with one goal: knowledge.

A representative and diverse body

University Council strives to evolve with changing times and changing needs.  Council aims to be diverse in its membership.  Membership is encouraged amongst a range of high profile and influential individuals and communities.

Becoming an external member of Council

Details of any vacancies for external members of Council will be listed here.

Staff and student representatives are elected to Council from other positions of responsibility within the University. 

Many ways to make a difference

Getting involved in University Council requires a personal commitment to devote time and effort to supporting the growth of The University of Nottingham.  However, there are many other ways in which influential individuals also choose to support the University and impact on its development:


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