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Problems at Either End; How to Approach and Manage Patients with Chronic Gastrointestinal Upset - Online

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Wednesday 6 December 2023 (1pm - 5pm)




Location Online Teams Meeting
Cost £100
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This session will be case-based using problem orientated medicine to create differential diagnosis lists and develop diagnostic plans to enable delegates to confidentially approach patients with, or suspected to have, chronic gastrointestinal disease in a logical and structured manner in the practice setting.  

Topics to be covered 

          • How to approach patients with chronic vomiting and/or diarrhoea 

          • The possible differential diagnoses for patients with chronic gastrointestinal upset 

          • Developing a logical clinical approach to enable an accurate diagnosis to be achieved 

          • The treatment options available for different forms of gastrointestinal disease 

Learning objectives

  • Be able to understand how to assess and undertake a logical diagnostic evaluation for patient with chronic gastrointestinal upset 

  • Be able to create an outline differential diagnosis list for patients presenting with, or suspected to have, chronic gastrointestinal disease 

  • Be able to create a logical diagnostic plan based on the differential diagnosis list 

  • Understand treatment options for the most common forms of gastrointestinal conditions discussed 


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