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Haematology and Biochemistry in First Opinion Practice

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Wednesday 5th June 2024

Duration 8 hours
Speakers Peter Graham, Julia Bennett & Marta Gruarin
Location School of Veterinary Medicine and Science
Sutton Bonington Campus


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hands on a microscope slide




Don’t be afraid of your blood analyser! This highly interactive course combines taught sessions, practicals and workshops led by clinical pathologists to improve your confidence in key aspects of laboratory diagnostics, including the assessment of blood films, practical approaches to profile interpretation and the vital role of quality assurance in the first opinion practice laboratory.

Topics to be covered

    • Laboratory quality assurance in first opinion practice
    • Assessment of blood smears
    • Laboratory profile interpretation
    • Recent advances in clinical pathology

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand and apply key concepts in laboratory quality assurance
  • Set up and use a microscope in first opinion practice
  • Assess blood smears in the context of analyser results and laboratory quality, recognizing circumstances that require the opinion of an external pathologist
  • Approach and interpret common and more advanced laboratory profile presentations

Required delegate attributes

This course is suitable for veterinary surgeons with an interest in small animal internal medicine and laboratory diagnostics. The course will be of particular interest to candidates undertaking the CertAVP C module in Clinical Pathology – Laboratory Diagnostics, but is open to any interested delegate including new graduates and registered veterinary nurses.

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