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Sheep Liver Biopsies as part of the mineral audit

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Wednesday 12th June 2024

Duration 8 hours

Nigel Kendall

Joe Angell 

Andrea Clarkson

Location School of Veterinary Medicine and Science


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The course will utilise the mineral audit process to give the tools required to perform on farm mineral investigations.  This will include what can be determined on farm (observation, farmer communication, records), potential on farm samples including what you can determine stood in a field and the collection and use of samples to determine status. 

The determination of status of part of a continuous cycle with the information building from an accumulation of sample data (eg liver biopsy) and the response to supplementation strategies.

Topics to be covered 

  • The mineral audit
  • What to look for in the field
  • How can the lab help
  • How to perform a liver biopsy in sheep
  • The supplementation cycle

Learning objectives

After attending this course, you should have revised and gained both core and new skills in open surgery. You should be able to:

  • Understand the principles of the mineral audit process
  • Demonstrate a sheep liver biopsy
  • Understand the role of the laboratory and use of appropriate samples
  • Understand what can be done in a field to determine nutritional status
  • Outline supplementation strategies and the supplementation cycle

Required delegate attributes

This course will be designed for farm vets who want to increase their tools in the toolbox for investigating nutritional problems.


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