On-demand Electro-mechanical Engineer Degree Apprenticeship Webinar

Wednesday 8th February 2023 (00:00) - Thursday 8th February 2024 (00:00)
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Our Level 6 Electro-mechanical Engineer Degree Apprenticeship combines the best of research-led education with the world of work. It gives apprentices the opportunity to inform their academic studies with real-world experience, producing work-ready, experienced graduates.

 Join Dr Rowland Travis and Dr Elizabeth Bishop for our on-demand webinar and discover how the Electro-mechanical Engineer Degree Apprenticeship can help your business invest in the skills your workforce needs.

Webinar content includes:

  • Entry requirements and eligibility
  • How to access funding
  • Programme content and structure
  • How to factor off-the-job learning into the working week
  • Recruitment and support
  • Your questions answered by the Programme Director and Employer Engagement Team

You will also hear from a current employer and apprentice about their experience on the programme to date.

Who is the webinar for?

This webinar is designed for businesses who would like to learn more about developing degree-level electro-mechanical engineering expertise within their organisations via a degree apprenticeship. This may be upskilling existing staff or using the programme to attract new talent.

Employees currently working in roles that would allow them to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours of an Electro-mechanical Engineer are also welcome to register.