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Invest in our businesses

Invest in our businesses

Inventions and innovations that result from University research may be commercialised by out-licensing to industry or ‘spun-out’ of the University into a new vehicle, to develop the technology further. 


Spin-out companies are often created around biomedical innovations for a number of reasons:

  • They need investment to take them through clinical trials or other regulatory hurdles.
  • There's a 'platform' technology that has applications in multiple markets.
  • The technology is so different that it needs to prove itself in the marketplace - sometimes creating a new market.

Spin-out portfolio of 20 companies

We have formed over 40 spin-outs and related companies, with 20 in our current portfolio.

These companies successfully operate in areas as diverse as regenerative medicine, nanotechnology, additive manufacturing and plant biotechnology – and offer exciting investment opportunities for individuals or companies interested in cutting-edge innovation.

Our companies have raised over £160 million in external investment in the last decade. Notable recent successes include flotation of Oncimmune plc, Scancell plc, Juniper Pharma plc, Crown Bio plc and the acquisition of Monica Healthcare by GE.

The University was ranked second in the UK in the HE-BCI 2017/20-18 rankings for the amount of money raised through the sale of shares in its spin-out businesses. 

View our spin-out portfolio brochure (PDF)

Nottingham Technology Ventures

Nottingham Technology Ventures Ltd (NTV) manages the University of Nottingham's portfolio of spin-out companies.

NTV also manages the £5 million Nottingham Invention Fund, investing in these companies to support their development and growth, helping them to obtain finance and expertise, and accelerating the commercialisation of their innovations. 

Visit the Nottingham Technology Ventures website

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