How we move people, goods and services around our towns, cities and countryside is changing significantly. New technologies such as zero emission vehicles and self-driving cars are improving transport to make it safer, cleaner and better connected. 


The UK’s road and rail network could dramatically reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants.  Automated vehicles could reduce congestion through higher-density use of road space. And mobility could be available when we want it, where we want it and how we want it.  

We are leading the global race towards creating a smarter, greener, sustainable and more efficient transport system.  And we’re always looking for opportunities to collaborate with innovators in this space.

Our key research capabilities 

Our research covers five themes: 

  • Propulsion and power systems
  • The electrification of transport
  • Lightweighting and advanced manufacturing
  • Intelligent vehicles and transport infrastructure
  • Seamless mobility and optimisation of transport of goods and people 

We apply this expertise to the aerospace, automotive and rail sectors. Each face shared challenges, and our multidisciplinary approach will discover synergies and deliver exciting, innovative solutions. 

Download our Transport, Mobility and Cities capability brochure (PDF)

Major Projects and Investments 

Propulsion Futures Beacon of Excellence 

Within this beacon, we are fuelling the discovery and translation of new materials, components and technologies to drive innovative electrified propulsion systems in this new age of sustainable transport. 

Deep Academic Alliance – Transport Systems Catapult 

We have signed a formal agreement to support government plans to make the UK a world-leader in driverless and interconnected vehicles and intelligent transport infrastructures. The alliance will also bring together academia, research councils and key industry players to provide evidence and policy advice to underpin, plan and regulate new transport systems.  

Smart Campus 

We have opened up our campus to enable students, academics and businesses to examine and evaluate user behaviours and to trial smart concepts including bike and car share schemes and an active travel dashboard. We’re also working in partnership with Nottingham City Council to explore how learning and innovation from the University’s Smart Campus can be scaled up across the wider urban area.  


This project takes electronics cooling technology to production and aims to deliver the optimum electric drive for future hybrid and full electric passenger cars. This £8m programme includes cross-faculty collaborations and includes major industry partners. 

Key contact 

Ben Nichols 
Business Partnerships Manager

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