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We are home to the world's leading contemporary slavery experts and have built the world's first large-scale research platform for ending slavery.

The Sustainable Development Goals call for an end to slavery by 2030. With governments and NGOs, we are designing new research-led antislavery interventions to help achieve this. Our 16 projects, including the three featured here, demonstrate the Freedom Dividend: a safer, greener, more prosperous and equal world for everyone when slavery is brought to an end.

Watch how we are helping to end slavery by 2030

Slavery can't hide from satellites

The world’s first Geospatial Slavery Observatory

We are identifying the specific locations of slavery activity using satellite technology. We then ‘ground-truth’ the data, and use crowd-sourcing and machine-learning techniques to support our observations. Our eyes in the sky are aiding on-the-ground interventions.

  • 46 million slaves worldwide
  • 13,000 slaves in the UK
  • A UN Sustainable
    Development Goal Target to end slavery by 2030
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  • 46 million
    slaves worldwide
  • 13,000 slaves
    in the UK
  • A UN Sustainable
    Development Goal Target
    to end slavery by 2030

Securing slavery-free supply chains

Helping to tackle slavery in our goods and products

Slaves supply us with many of the things we buy. But we detect slavery in supply chains, change supply chain design in response, and engage industry as a key change mechanism. Our research helps businesses to ensure they aren’t using slave labour.

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Photo by KAY CHERNUSH | © ArtWorks for Freedom

Slavery-free cities

Nottingham – the world's first slavery-free city

We examine slavery as a local issue, and are working to achieve the world’s first slavery-free city and community in Nottinghamshire. As we tackle slavery as a global problem, we champion the importance of local action.

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