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Welcome to Timetable Services.  Here you will find web timetables for courses, modules, departments and rooms for the 13/14 academic session. Week numbers are now available for the 14/15 academic session.

It is a regular occurrence that students have seminars and lectures that follow each other, therefore their ability to arrive on time for the next activity should be facilitated at all times.

Academic Session 13/14

Academic Session 14/15

NB: Academic Session 13/14 - teaching will start in week 2 but where Schools wish to start teaching in week 1 (Thursday onwards), please email the Timetabling Office about making arrangements for this:-  timetable@nottingham.ac.uk

Academic Session 13/14

Dates are from Monday 23rd September 2013 to Sunday 21st September 2014.

Integrated timetables are now available for the 13/14 academic session.  

School/Department Timetables - 13/14

Course Timetables - 13/14 

Module Timetables - 13/14

Room Timetables - 13/14

Grid/List Timetables Explained

Teaching Week Pattern 13/14

Teaching Week Pattern - 13/14 (word document)

Academic Calendar - 13/14 (pdf)

Teaching Timetable Schedule of Processes (deadlines)


Academic Session 14-15

Dates shown are from Monday 22nd September 2014 to Sunday 20th September 2015.

2014-2015 Academic Year (word)

2014-2015 Academic Calender (pdf) in weeks/days


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