School of Computer Science

Elvira Perez Vallejos

Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


Selected Publications

  • COLEMAN, S., POTHONG, K., PEREZ, E. and KOENE, A., 2017. The Internet on our own terms
  • PEREZ, E., HENCKERT, D. and CHURCHILL, D., 2016. Video Interactive Guidance (VIG): a reflective pedagogical tool for enhancing learning goals and compassion in the context of Clinical Communication Skills education. In: PETERKIN, A. and BRETT-MACLEAN, P, eds., Keeping Reflexion Fresh Kent State Press. 360-362
  • PEREZ, E., BALL, M, BROWN, P., HASLAM-JONES, E. and CRAWFORD, P., 2016. Kundalini Yoga as mutual recovery: a feasibility study including children in care and their carers Journal of Children’s Services. 11(4), 1
  • CARTER, CHRIS JAMES, KOENE, ANSGAR, PEREZ, ELVIRA, STATACHE, RAMONA, ADOLPHS, SVENJA, O'MALLEY, CLAIRE, RODDEN, TOM and MCAULEY, DEREK, 2016. Understanding academic attitudes towards the ethical challenges posed by social media research ACM SIGCAS Computers and Society. 45(3), 202-210

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