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The University of Nottingham
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NGI Building on Jubilee Campus at night

GRACE is based in the Nottingham Geospatial Building within The University Nottingham Innovation Park on the  University of Nottingham's Jubilee Campus.


GRACE (GNSS Research and Applications Centre of Excellence) is part of the NGI (Nottingham Geospatial Institute) at the University of Nottingham. GRACE is an internationally recognised centre of excellence in surveying, positioning and navigation technologies. We provide a number of services including consultancy, training, testing and business incubation.

We focus on assisting organisations, businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs to take advantage of satellite navigation, positioning, timing and location based technologies. We act as technology transfer agents providing access to geospatial expertise based at the NGI and the University of Nottingham.

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The mission of GRACE is to provide international leadership in research, training and the industrial applications development of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) This is built on the foundations of:

  • The University of Nottingham's World-leading research & training capability
  • The NGI's unique range of testing facilities
  • Close collaborative links with local industry
  • Participation in national and international GNSS initiatives

Aims and Objectives

  • Further the East Midlands region’s international reputation for excellence in GNSS
  • Support the commercial exploitation of academic GNSS research, and encourage the development of innovative products and services in the East Midlands
  • Embed GNSS systems and applications expertise within the regional economy
  • Develop indigenous businesses throughout all parts of the value chain
  • Create new employment opportunities including jobs that will encourage graduate retention in the region
  • Deliver continuous professional development courses and support for industry personnel
  • Facilitate international collaborations and support inward investment
  • Support efforts to attract GNSS assets, facilities and services to the region 

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