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Nottingham University Samworth Academy (NUSA)

Ensuring the very best outcomes for our young people.

Will you help the pupils of NUSA achieve their true potential?

The issue

The Nottingham University Samworth Academy (NUSA) replaced an unpopular comprehensive school on a Bilborough council estate. The community academy – already oversubscribed – offers an inspirational setting for the transformational change taking place under its roof. However, more needs to be done to sustain and grow excellence within NUSA.

At the heart of the academy movement is the belief that all children are entitled to schooling that makes the most of their potential. The University’s sponsorship of NUSA, in partnership with local businessman Sir David Samworth, bears witness to our own commitment to this belief. The University is committed to making this academy a beacon of innovation and outstanding practice that will make a real difference to the life chances of its students.

Our solution

NUSA is a very special school taking advantage of the support from its sponsors and educational partner Torch Academy Gateway Trust. Our fantastic facilities provide incredible opportunities for learners to excel.

The school is based on the ethos of courtesy courage and aspiration and the current focus for students is the simple message 'work hard, be kind'. The school provides a safe, welcoming and accessible learning environment for pupils of all ages, and for community use.

By using our unparalleled resources to develop a unique relationship with NUSA’s staff and students, the University aims to provide an inspirational model of school improvement for generations to come. Access to additional funding will enable NUSA to reach its full potential more quickly.

Our impact

Our relationship with NUSA will make sure these children enjoy opportunities that allow them to realise their potential and fulfil their ambitions.

Our community has above average numbers of disabled students and those who have special educational needs. In addition a much larger-than-average number of pupils are eligible for the Governments pupil premium as students are either looked after by the local authority or known to be eligible for free school meals. In a challenging community sponsors have appointed Torch Academy Gateway Trust as educational partners to drive whole school improvement and to ensure that the NUSA pupils, regardless of their background, secure high levels of achievement.

What will your Impact be?

Your support for Nottingham University Samworth Academy will have a huge impact on the speed of transformational change taking place within the academy. It will ensure NUSA builds on its successes and goes from strength to strength to engage and educate local children so they can realise their full potential.


We are committed to securing high levels of achievement for all students in Nottingham University Samworth Academy, regardless of their background. We believe that all young people can and should succeed in school. We are driven by a strong moral purpose to ensure the very best outcomes for our students, in order to improve their life opportunities and enable them to live fulfilled lives.

John Tomasevic, Chief Executive Officer, Torch Academy Gateway Trust


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