NameTelephoneJob DescriptionContact
Administrative Staff
Anscombe, Charlotte0115 748 4417Media Relations Manager (Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences)Envelope Icon
Brooke, Lindsay0115 951 5751Media Relations Manager (Faculty of Science)Envelope Icon
Camacho Cerezo, Esthern/aImage AssistantEnvelope Icon
Cass, Elizabeth0115 74 84734Head of Media RelationsEnvelope Icon
de Cozar, Tara0115 846 8560Head of Internal CommunicationsEnvelope Icon
Fallows, Emma0115 82 32353Student Communications OfficerEnvelope Icon
Gilligan-Lee, Lisa0115 846 7377Image EditorEnvelope Icon
Goodwin, Liz0115 951 5798Media OfficerEnvelope Icon
Hodgson, Paul0115 74 86373Digital Communications OfficerEnvelope Icon
Jennings, Michael0115 84 66691Communications OfficerEnvelope Icon
Lowry, Emma+44 (0)115 846 7156Media Relations Manager (Faculty of Engineering)Envelope Icon
Neal, Ryann/aInternal Communications Officer - Project TransformEnvelope Icon
Rayner, Emma0115 951 5793Media Relations Manager (Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences)Envelope Icon
Shale, Karen0115 8468545Publications and Communications ManagerEnvelope Icon
Smart, Anne0115 84 68313Digital Communications ManagerEnvelope Icon
Smart, Katy0115 951 5765Operations ManagerEnvelope Icon
Storey, Debs0115 823 2598Digital Communications ManagerEnvelope Icon
Thorne, Emma0115 951 5793Media Relations Manager (Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences)Envelope Icon
Travis, Tom0115 748 4414Digital Communications OfficerEnvelope Icon
Utton, Tim0115 8468092Deputy Director of CommunicationsEnvelope Icon
Whitney, Vivianne0115 74 86356Marketing OfficerEnvelope Icon

Media Relations - External Relations

The University of Nottingham
C Floor, Pope Building (Room C4)
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RD

telephone: +44 (0) 115 951 5798