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"We've done all this paper planning and people and equipment but what about the students? What's it going to be like when they suddenly join the third year?"

Stephanie Bridges
School of Pharmacy
Approaches to studying for learning at university.

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Learning in university: the role of university teachers: Earlier literature on teaching international students in higher education focused on helping students to adapt to the dominant ("our") learning cultures (Ballard and Clanchy, 1997i) and viewed differences between home and international students as deficits. This paper briefly focuses on the later work of contributions to higher education teaching, specifically John Biggs (2003) an educational psychologist and former Professor at the University of Hong Kong, and various other writers. All of these writers argue that cross-cultural teaching should focus on the universality of the learning process rather than on pedagogical and cultural differences.
(Learning in university: the role of university teachers)

More scholarly interpretations of the theoretical basis:

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"You have to be aware that making a change to one module here might have big implications somewhere else."


"Students will have materials electronically created by the whole module team, but still have module outlines from the home campus."


"The last thing you want to do is get yourself into a group of people from your own country… you'll learn nothing."

Chris Barnatt
Course planning: managing modules across campuses

Chris Barnatt
Sharing resources on modules taken across campuses

Samer Alkassar
Student, NUBS
Integrating students from across campuses

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