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"They're expecting someone to say ‘Okay, Welcome to Law school. Here's the answer.’ And what they get instead is ‘There are no easy answers, it's about how well you make your argument…’"

Rebecca Moor
School of Law
Critical thinking: developing students' independence.

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The culture of 'critical thinking' examines western ideas about "critical thinking" and explores the possibility of the notion as a cultural concept. Notions of "critical thinking" evident in the UK are unpacked, and the implications of getting to grips with what academics mean by critical thinking, for learners entering higher education both from home and abroad, are considered. Ideas about approaches to teaching critical skills are also briefly considered. The paper makes use of the work of Professor Ron Barnett (1997), a UK academic who has examined the idea and role of critical thinking in relation to higher education.
(The culture of 'critical thinking')

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"We discover, as a group, what the function of each section of the article is, so the abstract, methods results…"


"Learning how to write is not something you can just get in a one hour session, it involves a huge amount of practice."


"I'm particularly mindful of the difficulty of getting everybody to participate in a way they're comfortable with…"

Nicola Pitchford
School of Psychology
Reading academic papers: participation in tutorials

Rebecca Moor
School of Law
Learning academic writing and skills of argument

David Clarke
School of Psychology
Valuing the student voice: the tutorless tutorial

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