George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research

George Green Institute
for Electromagnetics Research 

International centre of expertise in electromagnetic simulation verified through real world experimentation.

Key aims and expertise

Electromagnetics is both pervasive and fundamental to our everyday lives and the Institute’s work is driven by the need to develop predictive techniques that can be used for electromagnetic design. Having developed the transmission line modelling method (TLM), The George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research (GGIEMR) is an international centre of expertise in this area. In addition, we are a leader in photonic and optoelectronic simulation and simulation for electromagnetic compatibility and power quality. 

Collaborating with academia and industry to address the challenges posed by the rapid growth in technology, the Institute’s interdisciplinary research portfolio encompasses both blue sky and real world problems. Exploitation of modern high performance computing architectures is of paramount importance as well as the verification of new techniques through experimentation and the Institute’s facilities are well equipped to deliver on all these fronts.

Current projects

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Lukasz Sojka has been awarded first place for a student presentation titled 'Mid-infrared emission from Pr3+ doped GeAsGaSe chalcogenide fiber' presented at the 15th conference OFTA 2014 in Bialystok, Poland.






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