Making Science Public: Challenges and Opportunities


Making Science Public:
Challenges and Opportunities


A five-year research programme funded by the Leverhulme Trust (2012-2017) looking at the challenges involved in making science public; making public science; making science in public; making science more public; making science private...How are such activities changing the relationship between science, politics and publics, and what are the normative implications for problems relating to political legitimacy, scientific authority and democratic participation? 

This research is carried out within the Institute for Science and Society


Programme members have been sucessul in gaining further external funding from the Wellcome Trust, the University of Nottingham and the Independant Social Research Foundation.

Research outputs

We have a variety of research outputs including journal articles, policy reports, books and book chapters, conference papers and a programme blog.


Dr Sujatha Raman

Leverhulme Trust Research Programme: Making Science Public

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Biology and sociology: estrangement and entanglement

Ever since my PhD, I have been fascinated by the interplay, interrelations, mutual inspirations, struggle and strife between various disciplines that began to establish themselves during the 19th century, such as linguistics (which became the focus of my research), sociology, biology and so on. In recent years, a little flood of literature has emerged that ...

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Genome editing: Invisible mending

Last week I had a few days in Oxford to visit old haunts, such as the Ashmolean, the Museum of Natural History and the Pitt Rivers Museum. I also went to a little exhibition in the basement of the Museum of the History of Science. The exhibition by Anna Dumitriu was entitled BioArt and Bacteria. ...

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Programme funded by The Leverhulme Trust in collaboration with the University of Warwick and the University of Sheffield.






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