Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions


This page aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our International Office scholarships.

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When will I be able to apply for a scholarship?

In order to apply for an International Office scholarship you must have a confirmed offer of a place to study here for September or October 2017 entry. You can apply for scholarships using our online scholarship application form and applications may be submitted up until the closing date for each scholarship. Applications close at 12 mid-day (UK time) on the dates shown (please see individual scholarship information for closing dates).

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

You may apply for more than one scholarship if you meet the eligibility criteria for each scholarship. For example if you are from a certain country you can apply for one of our country-specific scholarships, or any scholarships related to the subject you plan to study, or the level you wish to study at (undergraduate, masters, PhD, etc).

Can I apply for admission to the university and a scholarship at the same time?

No, to apply for our International Office scholarships you must already have an offer of a place to study here for September or October 2017 entry.

Separate information about applying to study can be found in the Undergraduate Prospectus or the Postgraduate Prospectus

When should I submit my application to study at the University in order to allow enough time to apply for a scholarship?

Research and masters/MRes applications for admission to study at Nottingham must be received at least six weeks before the scholarship closing date to allow time for our Admissions office to process the application and confirm your offer, before you can apply for the scholarship.

Any application for admission to study submitted later than six weeks before the scholarship closing date is not guaranteed to be processed in time.

Undergraduate applicants need to make their application by the UCAS given deadline.

Can I apply for a scholarship if I hold a conditional offer?

Yes, you can apply for our International Office scholarships if you are holding a conditional or an unconditional offer.

What information do I need to apply for a scholarship online?

Your postgraduate application number, which is given to you by the Admissions Office when your offer is confirmed, or your UCAS personal number for undergraduate students, and your date of birth.

You can preview the online application questions on our scholarship application page and we suggest you type out your answers first, keep them for a few days to make absolutely sure you are happy with them, and then copy them into the application form when you are ready. 

Will I receive an email acknowledgement of my scholarship application?

When you apply for a scholarship using our online scholarship application form you will see an automatic acknowledgement page after you submit your application but you will not receive an email acknowledgement. The online acknowledgement page will summarise the scholarship you have applied for and you should save or print this page for your own records and keep it safe. If you do not receive this last page you may not have submitted your scholarship correctly.

You should go back into the application form and it will list the scholarship(s) that you have applied for – saying "you have submitted applications for ...". If your scholarship is not listed here it means that you have not submitted it correctly. You should click on the scholarship again, from the list of eligible scholarships, and make your application.

To make sure you submit your application correctly, check that you have answered all of the questions in the form. When you are happy with them you will be asked to 'submit' the completed scholarship application form. If you still see your ‘answers’ page after you click ‘submit’, it means that you have to go back up the form and make some corrections, and these will be shown by a red note on the left of the section to be corrected.  Once you have made your corrections click ‘submit’ again.  You can only submit your form when it is correctly completed.

You should read the scholarship application page very carefully, and it is also important that you read the page where you can preview the questions you will be asked. We recommend you think about the questions and how you will answer them before you submit the form; you can type them out separately and copy them into the form when you are ready. It is very important that you complete your form correctly before you submit it as we are not able to change your online application once you have submitted it. You also need to move forward in the form after you put in each set of information, do not use the back button on your internet browser.

What should I do if I realise part of my scholarship application is incorrect after I have submitted it?
We are not able to change your form once you have submitted it and you will not be able to send a second application for the same scholarship. We can with your permission, delete your application and you can start again.  To request this please email us.
How will I know if I have been successful with my scholarship application
Please note that once the scholarship results are known, you will receive an email to confirm the outcome of your scholarship application.  This will normally take place approximately 6 weeks after the closing date, however, in some cases this may take a little longer. Please see individual scholarship information for closing dates.
If I change my course of study will it affect my scholarship application?

It will affect your scholarship application if the level of study, or the course you change to, is not included in the scholarship you applied for. If you have been awarded a scholarship you should let us know if you change your course so that we can confirm your scholarship status and update our records. 

Can I apply for a scholarship if I am already studying at The University of Nottingham?

We do not have any scholarships available for current students. You will only be able to apply for our scholarships if you have a confirmed offer of study to register onto a new degree course in September or October 2017.

Are there any scholarships offered by the schools or departments at The University of Nottingham?

Yes. Some of the University’s schools and departments also offer scholarships. Please look up your chosen course in the Undergraduate Prospectus or the Postgraduate Prospectus and check the ‘funding’ tab for details of funding opportunities which may be available.

If I defer my offer until the following year will the scholarships be the same?
Our scholarships change year on year, depending on various factors including budget, and you should check our website each year. We normally advertise new scholarships on our website from October/November for the following year’s entry.
If I am awarded a scholarship and defer my offer, can I also defer my scholarship?

No. You will not be able to defer your scholarship. You should apply again for our scholarships the following year and will need to have a confirmed offer for the new scholarship year. You should contact your School or the Admissions Office to ensure you can defer your offer and have it confirmed. 

Can I study and work at the same time?

International students from outside the EU are usually able to work for up to 20 hours a week during term-time. More information on working during your studies is available on our Working in the UK web page.




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