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Stuart Paine

BHA Associate Professor of Veterinary Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Stuart Paine is the British Horse Racing Authority (BHA) Associate Professor of Pharmacology at the Veterinary School. He obtained his BSc and PhD from University College London followed by post-doctoral fellowships at the Universities of Toronto and Cambridge where his research centred on organic chemical kinetics and mechanism. He then joined the Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Division at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals and spent 14 years discovering new drugs including the arterial anti-thrombotic drug known as Brilinta and the experimental drugs AZD3199 and AZD1981. As part of that research he developed new methodologies in the prediction of in vivo pharmacokinetics and the resulting pharmacodynamics from in vitro drug metabolism systems such as hepatocytes and recombinant CYP P450 enzymes. Stuart Paine then joined the Veterinary School at Nottingham in 2011 and has academic interests in understanding equine drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics and the therapeutics of drugs used in animals.

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