Why I chose the Goodman Institute's MBA with complete CFA® Integration - Bonnie Yu
http://johnmolson.concordia.ca/giim Bonnie Yu graduated from the Goodman Institute of Investment Management (GIIM)'s MBA with complete CFA® Integration program at Concordia University's John Molson School of Business. Mrs. Yu talks about how the GIIM MBA leads to a diverse range of stimulating job opportunities. For more information about the GIIM MBA with complete CFA® Integration program please visit http://johnmolson.concordia.ca/giim
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17.148 Political Economy of Globalization (MIT)
This is a graduate seminar for students who already have some familiarity with issues in political economy and/or European politics. The objective is to examine the ways in which changes in the international economy and the regimes that regulate it interact with domestic politics, policy-making, and the institutional structures of the political economy in industrialized democracies.
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Psychology and Religion in The Search for Personal Wholeness

Prof. Johann Maree