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I am a human geographer with specific interests in the making of the skilled, labour market and higher education. My PhD research is titled as "Glocalised Higher Education Hub In The Making? A Case Study of Shenzhen's Higher Education", which is supervised by Professor Sarah Hall and Dr Shaun French. This research aims to investigate the spatial and social relationship between higher education and urban (trans)formation in a case study of Shenzhen. Based on the primary aim, the study is focused on three dimensions of the case: policy, institution (i.e., government departments and universities), and student. Relevant empirical data of the study will be collected from 6-9 month fieldwork in Shenzhen, China.

My research interest derived from my MSc studies in Sociology at University of Southampton, during which I completed my master dissertation, "'Cultural Matching' In Chinese Labour Market: The Case of Elite Firms". In the dissertation, I paid specific attention to recruiters' sense of merit in job candidates, and provided an original insight on the (re)production of cultural capital within Chinese elite labour market. This experience made me realised the significance of geographies in elite making and other social relationships in general. Before that, I completed my BA in Journalism in Communication University of China.

Research Summary

Research Title: Glocalised Higher Education Hub In The Making? A Case Study of Shenzhen's Higher Education

Research Supervisors:

Prof. Sarah Hall, School of Geography, University of Nottingham

Dr. Shaun French, School of Geography, University of Nottingham

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