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Eline Koers

Research Fellow, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Eline received her MSc in Molecular Biology from the Georg-August Universitat Goettingen in 2010. She then started a PhD in the solid state NMR lab of Marc Baldus where she studied the application of DNP on biomolecular systems using the ion channel KcsA.

From 2016-2019 she studied the role of molecular chaperones on protein folding using single molecule force spectroscopy in the lab of Sander Tans, AMOLF, Amsterdam.

After receiving the IBSA foundation fellowship (video), Eline joined the Veprintsev lab in April 2019 bringing her chaperone expertise to study the effect of chaperones on GPCR folding and biogenesis.


Research Summary

I work on processes early in GPCR biogenesis (e.g. GPCR folding and membrane insertion) and the effect of disease-related mutations and protein homeostasis on the process.

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