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Sarir Sarmad

Senior Teaching Technician, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



I am an accomplished analytical chemist and biochemist specialising in the development and validation of bioanalytical methods, employing a diverse array of analytical techniques, including separation techniques and mass spectrometric workflows. Over the course of 23 years, I have held roles as a research scientist and post-doctoral fellow.

My academic background includes a BSc in Nutrition and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. Throughout my doctoral studies, I immersed myself in investigating the release and synthesis of endocannabinoids in rat cortical slices, utilising both in vitro (pharmacological interventions) and in vivo (Microdialysis) methodologies with an analytical approach for accurate and precise quantification of endocannabinoids in rat cortical slices by LC-MS/MS.

My research is centered on the application of mass spectrometry (MS)-based methods and advanced analytical and molecular biology approaches to explore biological complex matrices that involves analysis of multi-component mixtures of molecules, often present in complex matrices at very low concentrations. This endeavor is aimed at unravelling the molecular intricacies of biochemical pathways, with a particular emphasis on metabolic pathway profiling.

I am particularly passionate about researching disease biomarkers and contributing to drug discovery. My approach integrates both targeted and untargeted MS-based global metabolite profiling, complemented by physiology, and molecular biology techniques. This comprehensive strategy allows me to gain deep insights into the underlying mechanisms of diseases, explore potential therapeutic targets, and make meaningful contributions to the field of precision medicine.

Expertise Summary

AFHEA (Teaching)

HPLC/UPLC method development

LC-MS, LC-MS/MS (Accurate and precise quantification of small molecules)

Untargeted metabolomics and biomarker discovery


Radio Immuno Assays (RIA)


Cell culture

Western blotting


Statistical analysis

Multivariate analysis

Teaching Summary

I am proud to have achieved my Associate Fellow Higher Education Academy (AFHEA) in June 2023.

In my teaching careers at both Universities of Nottingham, and Leicester, I have demonstrated a commitment to nurturing the next generation of scientists through the supervision of PhD students and guidance for final year BSc students in their laboratory projects and dissertation work.

Higher Education teaching was central to my role at the University of Lincoln, School of Chemistry, and I have gained substantive experience of teaching separation science and mass spectrometry to undergraduate and postgraduate students - developing fluency in using a variety of teaching methods to communicate complex ideas. Modules are listed below:

Practical Separation Course for MSc Students (CHM9011M)

Practical Mass Spectrometry Course (CHM9011M)

Lecturing pre-lab sessions for Chiral Separation and Enzyme Kinetic Resolution (CHM3004M)

Lectures on the Fundamentals of Mass Spectrometry to first-year students (CHM1006M)

Lectures on the Interpretation of Mass Spectra (CHM1006M)

Workshops on the Interpretation of Mass Spectra (CHM1006M)

These experiences have not only allowed me to impart knowledge but also to inspire and guide students in their academic journeys. I look forward to continuing my contributions to the academic community.

Research Summary

I have recently focused my investigations on cardiovascular biomarkers in clinical cohorts of individuals with heart failure. Additionally, my research interests extend to the study of plasmalogens… read more

Recent Publications

Current Research

I have recently focused my investigations on cardiovascular biomarkers in clinical cohorts of individuals with heart failure. Additionally, my research interests extend to the study of plasmalogens and lipidomics, with a specific emphasis on understanding the role of endocannabinoids and their cross-talk with gutmicrobial metabolites in cardiovascular diseases.

Currently, I am actively engaged in researching biomarkers associated with aortic dissection and aortic aneurysms using untargeted metabolomics. This research initiative is being continued in collaboration with the Cardiovascular Department at the University of Leicester, where I hold an honorary title.

Past Research

Endocannabinoids release and synthesis

Future Research

I am interested in studying chronic disease such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases at the molecular level.

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