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Dong-Hyun Kim

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Dr Dong-Hyun Kim was appointed as Assistant Professor in Analytical Bioscience in the School of Pharmacy, the University of Nottingham in October 2013 and promoted to Associate Professor in 2020. Prior to this position he conducted postdoctoral research on clinical metabolomics of trypanosomes in Glasgow Biomedical Research Centre at the University Glasgow (2010-2013) after four years in the School of Chemistry at the University of Manchester obtaining his PhD (2006-2010), which involved applications of analytical instruments for the investigation of cervical cancer. He is Director of the Centre for Analytical Bioscience which is a successful mass spectrometry (MS) facility that now houses extensive specialist mass spectrometry instrumentation including high-resolution MS (Two Thermo QExactive Orbitraps), high-resolution MS with ion trap (Thermo Fusoin Lumos) and quadruple linear ion trap MS (QTRAP 4000 and 6500). The facility also houses unique interfaces (AP-MALDI, LESA Plus, nano-LC) for surface and single-cell analysis. This facility provides the high-quality research environment for metabolomics, lipidomics, fluxomics, metabolic pathway profiling, and biomarker identification analysis.

Expertise Summary

Mass spectrometry applied to pharmaceutical, life and biomedical sciences research

i) Biomarker discovery of disease - global metabolite profiling using metabolomics and lipidomics methods

ii) Metabolic pathway profiling - targeted analysis of metabolites, stable isotope assisted analysis

iii) Surface/imaging mass spectrometry anaysis of biological samples (e.g. tissue, cell, organism)

Teaching Summary

MPharm/Pharm Sci/Int Pharm

- Digestive System (MPharm) - Module convenor

- Medical Diagnostics (MPharm) - Co-module convenor

- Natural Products (Pharm Sci) - Module contributor

Exams Officer in Pharmacy

Research Summary

Dr Dong-Hyun Kim's role includes coordination of internal and external project work as well as fostering interdisciplinary applications of MS-based analytical techniques. His research career has… read more

Recent Publications

Current Research

Dr Dong-Hyun Kim's role includes coordination of internal and external project work as well as fostering interdisciplinary applications of MS-based analytical techniques. His research career has focused on the advancement and application of MS-based methods to address scientific challenges across the engineering/physical/life sciences disciplines.

His research areas are:

• Biomarker of disease / drug discovery using MS-based global metabolite profiling

• Metabolic pathway profiling (targeted and stable isotope assisted analysis)

• Surface/imaging mass spectrometry analysis of biological samples (e.g. tissue, cell, organism)

• Single cell metabolomics

• Absolute quantification using heavy atom labelled organism

Current research grants involved are:

• BBSRC - Monitoring the gut microbiome via AI/machine learning, digital twins, omics and mart sensing: A new approach to detect infection and antimicrobial resistance and to support novel therapeutics in broiler precision farming

• BBSRC - Digital platform for sustainable health: A step change in reducing endemic disease in dairy cattle

• EPSRC Large Grant - Designing bio-instructive materials for translation ready medical devices

• Little Princess Trust Project Grants - Blocking chemical reactions which keep cancer cells alive - a new therapy for childhood ependymoma

• BBSRC - Quantitative metabolomics for prediction of lameness and elucidation of related mechanistic pathways in dairy cattle

• MRC - MICA: Exploiting specialised pro-resolution molecule mediated analgesia to identify novel targets for the treatment of chronic pain

• NIHR - The OriF (Operative Rib Fixation) Procedure mEchanisms of Rib fixAtion (OPERA) Study

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