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Aulia Rahim is a PhD candidate in Social Policy and Administration, School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Nottingham, UK. He earned his MA in Public Policy and Management from The University of Melbourne (With Distinction) in 2015. He also holds an Undergraduate Diploma in State Treasury from the Indonesian College of State Accountancy (STAN).

Aulia's research focuses on assessing the financial wellbeing of older Indonesian. Through a mixed-method approach that includes both qualitative and quantitative data, he hopes to identify the key challenges facing older Indonesians and recommend evidence-based solutions to improve their financial wellbeing.

Expertise Summary

Aulia has over 15 years of experience in the Indonesian government's financial sector, having worked at the Indonesia's Directorate General of Treasury, Ministry of Finance since 2006. In his most recent role as Section Head of State Budget Execution, he was responsible for monitoring and evaluating state budget performance, providing technical assistance to government agencies, and conducting research on state budget execution. He also has experience as a Policy Analyst in the Human Resource Division, where he researched and analyzed human resources data, designed HR programs, and developed strategic HR plans.

Research Summary

Research Title:

Financial Wellbeing of Older Indonesian

Research Summary :

Aulia's current research project focuses on assessing the financial well-being of older Indonesians and identifying key learning for policymakers and practitioners. He employs a mixed-method approach with exploratory sequential design, collecting qualitative data through focus groups and quantitative data through survey questionnaires. His work aims to enhance the understanding of financial well-being in the Indonesian context and contribute to raising the level of elderly financial well-being.


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