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The School of Sociology and Social Policy delivers high-quality research across eight thematic areas. We are constantly evaluating our research themes with a view to identifying novel areas, collaborations and partnerships, to develop research that addresses the needs of an ever-changing and challenging world.

Our research is unified by a common concern with social justice. This means addressing the realities of marginalised groups, giving witness to experiences of everyday life, identifying issues of recognition and representation, and informing policy, practice and the wider public.

This work is conducted through four research centres, which group together academic staff with related interests and provide a forum for collaboration and exchange of ideas. Our Research Ethics Committee ensures all research we conduct meets the highest standards of integrity.

One of our strategic aims is to promote knowledge exchange through close partnerships with stakeholders, including working together with service users, government departments, national charities, third sector organisations and others. Such collaboration produces research of the highest standard so that impact is meaningful and enduring.

Our research centres also contribute to a number major networks and organisations hosted within and by the University. These include the:

Professor Reiner Grundmann, Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer

Research areas

  1. Children and Families
  2. Social Work and Social Care for Adults
  3. Health and Wellbeing
  4. Policy Analysis
  5. Identities
  6. Mobilities and Migration
  7. Work and Inequalities
  8. Science, Knowledge and Society

REF results

In the latest Research Excellence Framework 78% of our research was ranked as world-leading or internationally excellent.

Our postgraduate research programme


Improving UK animal research governanceResearch impact

Improving UK animal research governance

Delivering effective ethical review

The use of animals as laboratory models is currently a key method of life science research. The aim of the impact project is to find ways to improve the way ethical review is carried out in the UK.

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Scott PaceyResearcher profile

Scott Pacey

Exploring the relationship between religion, politics and identity

Scott Pacey is an Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Admissions Tutor in the School of Sociology and Social Policy. He teaches a number of undergraduate modules.

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Featured project

Making Science Public

A five-year research programme funded by the Leverhulme Trust looking at the challenges involved in making science public.

How are such activities changing the relationship between science, politics and publics, and what are the normative implications for problems relating to political legitimacy, scientific authority and democratic participation?


Blog and Conference

ENQUIRE is the postgraduate blog and conference of the School of Sociology and Social Policy. Run by postgraduates, it provides an encouraging and exciting space for postgraduate academic research from the UK and worldwide.

ENQUIRE seeks to reflect the research interests of the academics and postgraduate researchers within the school.



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