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Research Ethics and Integrity

The University of Nottingham requires all staff and students who are engaged in research to maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity whilst conducting their research.

Covid-19: Face-to-face research data collection to resume from 11 October 2021.


Research principles

Researchers must adhere to the university's principles for research ethics and integrity which are outlined within the documents below. Please also visit the university's Research and Integrity webpages.

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Research ethics and integrity

Ethics and integrity principles, guidance and training.


New ethics application forms launched from Monday 11 October 2021

The new ethics application forms being launched on Monday 11 October include new CoPREC requirements and inclusion of Covid safety measures for face to face data collection. Both UG-PGT and Staff/PGR forms and pages have been updated. Please refer to the university policies prior to undertaking fieldwork and travel for fieldwork.

More information on CoPREC can be found on the Research and Integrity Sharepoint (internal access only).

Research Ethics Committee

The Research Ethics Committee (REC) manages and monitors research and integrity procedures for the school. The  Committee is chaired by Dr Melanie Jordan. View a full list of REC members

All research carried out within the school by staff and students which involves the participation of human subjects and/or their data must first be reviewed by the Research Ethics Committee to ensure compliance with the university guidelines and good practice as detailed in the Code of Practice for Research Ethics Committees (CoPREC). View the full details. Research in these cases cannot commence until an ethics application has been submitted to REC and a favourable ethical opinion (FEO) has been received. The process of full ethical review may take between four to six weeks therefore please plan accordingly. Research participants should not be approached until FEO has been granted.

Application for Ethical Review

This flowchart may assist you if you are unsure if your research requires ethical review by REC. If still in doubt or you have any other queries relating to research ethics, please contact the Ethics admin team via the email link below.  Full details about the application process are available below. Please follow the appropriate link for the application templates and guidance.

Please follow the links below for further guidance and the process pages.

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UG/PGT ethics process

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PGR/Staff ethics process


Fieldwork and overseas travel for research

Note: Please read the policy guidance regarding fieldwork and travel (login required), and overseas travel, paying particular attention to Covid-19 requirements. Additional authorisation may be needed for some overseas locations due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please check the FCDO guidance. Additional risk assessment will be required for overseas travel which can be downloaded from the Overseas Travel pages.

Overseas fieldwork is also subject to review by University of Nottingham Insurance Department/Registrars Office. This process can be lengthy, and researchers are strongly advised to factor this in when planning your research. The Travel Advice Flowchart shows the university's procedures for organising all travel abroad on university business. Please do not make any travel arrangements until you have received FEO and, for overseas travel, approval from the Insurance Team.

Note: New travel guidance issued in October 2021. See domestic and overseas advice.


Complaints or expressions of concern about the unethical conduct of research by SSP researchers can be directed to the school Research Ethics Committee in the first instance. The Committee is responsible for initially responding to any evidence that research is carried out that is either: 

  • not approved by the school Ethics Committee or
  • not conducted in conformity with the proposal approved by the school Research Ethics Committee

The school adheres to the Code of Practice on Handling Allegations of Research Misconduct

Research Integrity Week

View recordings of the sessions and PDF files of the presentations that took place in June 2021 supporting research integrity (internal access only).

Email the school Ethics Team


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