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Research Ethics

Research Ethics Committee

The Research Ethics Committee manages and monitors procedures for obtaining ethical approval for research projects within the school. The current members of the Committee are:

  • Dr Alison Mohr (Chair and Research Ethics and Integrity Officer)
  • Dr Ruby Chau (Reviewer)
  • Dr Pru Hobson-West (Reviewer)
  • Dr Pauline Jas (Reviewer)
  • Dr Siobhan Laird (Reviewer)
  • Dr Roda Madziva (Reviewer)
  • Dr Kate Millar (Cross-faculty Member)
  • Jack Aldridge-Deacon (PGR Representative)

Important changes to the Data Protection Act 1998

On 25 May 2018, the current regulations covered by the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) changed. The new regulations fall under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Many of the concepts and principles are the same as those in the current DPA, however, there are a few new elements and significant enhancements, so you will have to do some things for the first time and some things will need to be done differently. Templates have been designed by the University of Nottingham Research Ethics Committee for use by researchers. Please visit the School Ethics page to access the templates for your study.

Introduction of new General Data Protection Regulations - GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became law on 25 May 2018, and the UK has a new Data Protection Act 2018, which we, as an organisation, must follow. If you are undertaking research that involves the collection of personal data, you will need to adhere to the new regulations in order to do this. New templates have been designed by the University of Nottingham Research Ethics Committee and copies of these templates are available in the document list via the link above. Please use the Full Privacy Notice template listed and tailor it to your requirements.

University of Nottingham Policy on Research Ethics

The University of Nottingham requires all staff and students who are engaged in research to maintain the highest standards of integrity in the conduct of research. The University's principles for research ethics are integrated in the Code of Research Conduct and Research Ethics, the University's Policy for Ethical Review and the University Ethics and Integrity website.

University policy is for all its research to comply with ESRC guidelines regarding the ethical conduct of research. In particular, research must undergo ethical review and receive approval before work can begin where research involves the participation of human subjects, their data and/or their tissue. This flowchart may assist you if you are unsure as to whether your project requires ethical review. If in doubt, please consult the ESRC guidelines.

The University of Nottingham strongly recommends all staff and postgraduate research students should visit the Graduate School website for Research Integrity and undertake the faculty-specific training provided.

Overseas travel for research

Anyone conducting data collection outside the UK will be expected to submit an ethics application which will need to be approved by both the School Ethics Committee and also the University of Nottingham Insurance Department/Registrars Office. This process can be lengthy, and researchers are strongly advised to allow additional time for this to happen.

Please note: The Ethics Officer and administration team do not have any control over the timescale for University Insurance reviews, and therefore cannot guarantee that normal processing times will apply. Please factor this in when planning your overseas travel.

A flowchart showing the University's required procedures for organising all travel abroad on University business is available; view the Travel Advice Flowchart.

This applies to all students and staff at every level travelling abroad on any University business including fieldwork, other elements of the research process and attendance at conferences.

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