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Staff Supervision Areas

Below are some of the areas of research in which our staff currently specialise and areas where they can offer expert supervision.

Staff supervision areas
Staff memberSupervision areas of expertise - TeachingSupervision areas of expertise - Research
Esther Bott
  • Class, gender and 'race'
  • The body
  • Migration
  • Tourism primarily, but also risk, gender and the body.
Sarah Dauncey
  • Chinese society and culture
  • Disability, gender and identity
  • Research methods in Chinese Studies
  • Disability and gender
  • Identity construction (particularly marginalised groups)
  • Welfare and discrimination
  • The cultural, political and social history of mainland China
  • Literature, film and life writing in modern and pre-modern China
  • Fashion and consumption in mainland China
Bill Dixon
  • Introductory criminology
  • Policing and the police
  • Crime prevention and community safety
  • Crime, crime control and criminology in South Africa
  • Crime, crime prevention, policing and the development of criminology in post-apartheid South Africa
  • The comparative study of 'hate crime', racially motivated offending and offenders
  • Police governance and community and problem-oriented styles of policing
Tony Fitzpatrick
  • Theories of welfare
  • Poverty
  • Climate change
  • Social and policy implications of climate change and global warming
  • New Labour and recent developments in British politics
  • Poverty, social exclusion, wellbeing and social justice
  • Theories and concepts underpinning state welfare and social policy reforms
Rachel Fyson
  • Law for social work
  • Adult social care policy and practice
  • Dissertation module
  • Disability policy and practice, particularly learning disability
  • Adult social care/community care
  • Adult safeguarding
  • Theories of policy implementation
  • Service user involvement/emancipatory research
Reiner Grundmann
  • Science, knowledge and society
  • Language, culture and society
  • Qualitative research methods (discourse and metaphor analysis)
  • History and philosophy of science
  • Knowledge and public policy
  • Media analysis of climate change and energy security
  • Science policy
  • Science communication
  • Social and political theory
John Holmwood
  • Introductory sociology
  • Classical and contemporary sociological theory
  • Philosophy of social science
  • Inequality
  • The relation between sociological theory and explanation, in particular, the challenge of global social inquiry and the role of pragmatism in the construction of public sociology
  • Social stratification and inequality, in particular on problems of class analysis and the moral economy of inequality, including the role of higher education
Pauline Jas
  • Social survey design and analysis
  • Organisational practices
  • Individual agency within institutions
  • Strategic management and leadership
  • Voluntary sector organisations and democratic governance
Melanie Jordan
  • Criminology (theory; practice; victimology; penology; occupations and social actors in the criminal justice system; radical; feminist; etc)
  • Sociology of prisons and incarceration
  • Philosophy of social science research
  • Methodology and method
  • Qualitative heath research
  • Criminology (all fields)
  • Prison ethnography
  • Institutionalisation
  • Social and structural environments
  • Methodological undertakings
  • Epistemology and social science
  • Social exclusion
  • Social capital
  • Social theory
  • Primary socialisation
  • Healthcare contexts
  • Mental illness
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Medical sociology
  • Organisational sociology
  • Change and innovation in organisations
Anne-Marie Kramer
  • Gender and media
  • Women and social policy/family policy
  • Research methods, including media methods and archive methods
  • The family/personal life
  • Gender
  • Reproductive politics
  • Identity
  • Memory studies
  • Media
Siobhan Laird
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • International social work
  • Working with conflict
  • Social care in developing cuontries
  • Cross cultural and cross national issues in social care
  • Cultural competence in social work practice
  • Research on social development in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Social work in relation to the law in the UK or Africa
  • Conflict in child protection work
Alison Mohr
  • Governance of emerging science and technology
  • Broadly science and technology policy including critical perspectives of public engagement
  • Science-public policy relations
  • Social and political dimensions of emerging technologies
  • Knowledge and value mediation in policy discourse
  • Understanding and communication uncertainty in technology and impact assessments
Alison Pilnick
  • Sociology of health and illness
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Studying verbal and visual interaction (particularly conversation analysis)
  • Advice and information giving by health professionals
  • Communication and collaborative work in all areas of healthcare, including veterinary practice
  • Informed choice in antenatal and genetic screening and testing
  • The impact of interactional practices on policy implementation in intellectual disability
Simon Roberts
  • International social policy
  • Welfare policy
  • Comparative welfare policy
  • European welfare states
  • Migration and welfare
  • International social rights
  • Research methods
  • UK, European and international social security
  • Discrimination and social protection in Europe
  • Discrimination and welfare reform
  • Disability and discrimination
  • Migration and social rights
Justine Schneider
  • Dementia care research, policy and practice
  • Applied health and social care research
  • Domiciliary care
  • Non-pharmacological interventions in dementia care, especially the arts
  • 'Informal' carers
  • Services for older people with dementia
  • Knowledge exchange and evidence implementation in health and social care
Ian Shaw
  • Research methods
  • Evaluation research
  • Welfare finance
  • Health policy
  • Mental health
  • Evaluation
  • Inter-professional/agency working
  • Health
  • Mental health
  • Policy analysis.
Nick Stevenson
  • Sociology of media and popular culture,
  • Citizenship, identity and globalisation
  • Social, cultural and political theory
  • Social, political and cultural theory, media of mass communication, citizenship
  • Consumer and popular cultures
  • Education, popular culture and citizenship
Amal Treacher Kabesh
  • Diversity
  • Middle East
  • Cultural theory
  • Identity
  • Ethnicity (especially mixed-race)
  • Postcolonial theory
  • Middle East
  • Children aged 7-11
Tracey Warren
  • Sociology of work
  • Contemporary debates in sociology
  • Work, employment and economic life
  • Social divisions: class, gender and ethnicity
  • Work-life balance
  • Work and time
  • Income, debt, economic wellbeing, financial insecurity
  • Cross-national European comparisons
  • The economic crisis
Andrew Yip
  • Religion/spirituality
  • Sexuality and gender
  • Citizenship and human rights
  • Identity
  • Intimacy and relationships
  • Contemporary religious/spiritual identities
  • Contemporary sexual identities
  • Politics of sexuality, gender, and religion/spirituality
  • Islam and Muslim communities in the West
  • Human rights and citizenship
  • Youth culture and identity
  • Intimate relationships
  • Ageing within national and transnational contexts
Elisabetta Zontini
  • Families and social divisions
  • Transnationalism and migration
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Migration studies: transnational families
  • Ethnic minority families
  • Gender and generation (youth, old age)
  • Identity and belonging
  • Social capital
  • Multiculturalism
  • Global care chains
  • New forms of mobility especially in southern Europe and the UK
  • Sociology of the family especially in relation to care, intergenerational relations, race and ethnicity


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