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I am currently a Reader in Cultural Sociology at the University of Nottingham.

I received a double first in Sociology and History BA (Hons) from Keele University in 1987. I obtained my PhD from Cambridge University in 1992 after studying under the supervision of Lord Anthony Giddens. Between 1991 and 2001 I worked as a Sociology lecturer at Sheffield University. In 2001 I joined Nottingham University eventually being appointed to my current position of Reader. I am one of the founding editors of the BSA Journal Cultural Sociology and also work on the editorial board of Keywords. My current research is investigating the interconnections between current societal debates, European social theory and citizenship.

My most recent publications are:

Stevenson, N. (2020) 'Radical Democracy and the Imagination of the commons: Beyond Cultural Populism', European Journal of Cultural Studies 23(6) pp953-969.

Stevenson, N. (2021) 'The complex trajectory of the commoner: cosmopolitanism, localisation, and nationalism', In Axford, B. et al Political Sociologies of the Encounter, London, Routledge pp57-71.

Stevenson, N. (2021) 'Orwell as Public Intellectual: Anarchism, Communism and the New Left', Anarchism Studies 29.1 pp19-38.

Stevenson, N. (2021) 'The cultural production of Cabaret Voltaire: Marxism, the politics of modernism and post-punk', Punk & Post-Punk pp1-17.

Stevenson, N. (2021) 'Critical theory in the Antropocene: Marcuse, Marxism and ecology', European Journal of Social Theory 74(2) pp211-226.

Stevenson, N. (2022) 'Herber t Marcuse as Critical Intellectual: The New Left and Alternative Socialist Futures, Rethinking Marxism 34:1 pp81-98.

Stevenson, N. (2022) 'Anarchism, New Left and Education', in Alpesh, M. (ed) Marxism and Education, Boston, Brill.

Stevenson, N. (2003) 'On Soz', in Toraman, B. (ed) 'IIetism Calismalari, Instanbul, Grius pp13-16.

Stevenson, N. (2023) 'Teroria critica en el Antropeceno: Marcuse, el marismo y la ecologia', in Maring, L.S. and Grialdo (eds) in Ensayos sabre la teria eritica de la sociedad, Univeridd Libre pp913-935.

Stevenson, N. (2023) Class, London, Routledge.

Stevenson, N. (2023) 'Class, Critical Pedagogy and the Politics of English Heritage', Keywords (accepted forthcoming).

I would be especially interested in hearing from students with an interest in European social theory and questions of human rights, identity, education and citizenship.

Research Summary

I am currently writing about the interconnections between class identity, memory and labour history.

Here is a short article I wrote about life during Covid.

Selected Publications

Past Research

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My current teaching interests include the undergraduate modules Media and Popular Culture, and Citizenship, Identity and Globalisation. I also teach on the Global Citizenship MA.

I have supervised PhD students researching multiculturalism and citizenship, education and citizenship, Muslim identities, cultural policy, news journalism, fan culture, social and cultural theory, gender and sexual identity, young people and citizenship and technological cultures. I welcome applications from PhD students interested in the interconnection of culture and politics.

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