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UG/PGT Ethics Application Process Guidance



Researchers are responsible for ensuring their research is conducted to the highest ethical standards. Researchers must ensure that they are fully aware of, and comply with, the university’s expectations for the ethical conduct of research. SSP REC also adheres to the Code of Practice for Research Ethics Committees (CoPREC).

Important documents


Application templates

Templates 1 to 3 should be completed in all cases except research using survey data collection. If using online survey data collection please see the guidance in section one of the application form - templates 2 to 3 are required in another format.

Note: You will need to go to your dissertation Moodle page to submit your documentation. 

Please read guidance carefully.

  1. UG and PGT Ethics Application
    Guidance: UG and PGT Guidance on Research Data Handling
  2. Participant Consent Form (focus groups and interviews)
  3. Participant Information Sheet and GDPR Privacy Notice
    Guidance: Guidance for completing GDPR Privacy Information ; Guidance for Privacy Notices 
  4. Fieldwork Record
    Guidance: Generic Travel Risk Assessment

Core key principles for ethical research

  1. Maximising Benefit
  2. Minimising Harm
  3. Respecting Autonomy
  4. Fairness and Accountability
  5. Integrity and Transparency

All the ethical implications of a research project must be considered, including the impact on: 

  • all those involved in the research
  • those who may be affected by it
  • welfare of animals
  • cultural sensitivities
  • protected species and sites
  • the environment


Submit your research ethics form


Off-campus fieldwork

If you are carrying out research off-campus please ensure that you complete the Fieldwork Record Form (link above), in parallel to reviewing the Fieldwork Travel Risk Assessment. Once completed please share and discuss with your supervisor. You do not need to submit as part of your application submission but do provide a copy to your supervisor.

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