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Larissa Sandy

Assistant Professor in Criminology, Faculty of Social Sciences



I joined the University of Nottingham in January 2021 as an Assistant Professor in Criminology. Before this, I was a Senior Lecturer in Criminology & Justice Studies at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Prior to joining RMIT, I was a Vice Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Criminology at Flinders University in Adelaide with my project exploring Cambodia's human trafficking laws. I specialise in sex work and human trafficking, having researched with sex workers in Australia and Asia-Pacific for almost twenty years and have just completed a large-scale project on the career development needs of sex workers in Victoria, which included working with a team of sex worker peer researchers. I received my BA (Asian Studies) and Honours (Social Sciences) degrees from Curtin University and PhD from the Australian National University. I have a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Khmer from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which I gained after studying at the Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute and am currently completing a PGCHE at the University of Melbourne. I was also a Research Fellow on the International HIV Program at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University and a Research Analyst at the Australian Institute of Criminology where I worked on the National Homicide Monitoring Program and Trafficking in Persons project.


Expertise Summary

Asian & Australian criminology; postcolonial criminology; Southeast Asian ethnography; Khmer & Thai studies; applied Anthropology; gender, sexuality and culture; sex work; human trafficking; victimology; gendered violence and sexual violence; feminist theories and practice; Australian studies.

Teaching Summary

I am teaching into:

Crimes and Harms of the Powerful (SOCI3033)

Police, Policing and the Police (SOCI2025)

Research Design Practice (Quantitative Methods) (SOCI2038)

Recent Publications

  • LARISSA SANDY, 2020. Will Victoria be the first place in the world to fully decriminalise sex work? The Conversation. Available at: < in-the-world-to-fully-decriminalise-sex-work-146751>
  • LARISSA SANDY, ANASTASIA POWELL and REBECCA HISCOCK, 2020. Why Australia needs a national ban on conversion therapy The Conversation. Available at: < a-national-ban-on-conversion-therapy-145410>
  • SHAEZ MORTIMER, ANASTASIA POWELL and LARISSA SANDY, 2019. “Typical scripts” and their silences: Exploring myths about sexual violence and LGBTQ people from the perspectives of support workers. Current Issues in Criminal Justice. 31(3), 333-348
  • SOPHIE AMINA, LISA MARIE DALLIMORE, KITTY GALORE, ROMAN POLTANOV and LARISSA SANDY, 2019. Career development for sex workers: Community needs assessment. Star Health.
  • LARISSA SANDY, JONI MEENAGH and PETREA NES-IADICOLA, 2019. Transitioning programs for sex workers: Evidence review report. RMIT University.
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