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I have been teaching in further education and higher education for 16 years, I have taught an array of subjects in the Social sciences from pure Sociology, Criminology, Psychology, Forensic Science and Economics at A level and Access level. My specialist subject is currently Social Policy which I have been teaching for 6 years alongside political theory. I have designed new curriculums for International foundation in the Social sciences and Business studies up to master's Level. I have taught European Democracy and the Media, Research Methods and research Management at master's level and Pre-master's level and I have been a course convenor at master's level, Pre-masters and Undergraduate level. I have been a line manager and mentored lecturer's in Sociology, forensic science and Psychology by peer observations, mentoring and discussing teaching and learning through pedagogical and andragogical experiences on the PGCCE through De Montfort University. I have also designed and updated curriculums and assessments for new courses (level 3-5) for International students in most subjects in the social sciences but especially political theory, where I designed activities and assessments and wrote the final exam where all but one student gained a place at the University of Nottingham. I was employed as a teaching associate in February 2018 where I am undergraduate programme convenor and convenor for 3 UG modules. I am also module convenor for research methods and research management on the masters programme.

Prior to being a teaching associate, I have also taught Social Policy and Social Justice at the University of Nottingham at undergraduate level for 4 years, I have designed, and updated lesson plans incorporating presentations with added articles to aid the students learning and facilitating discussion.

I am currently teaching and convening 3 undergraduate modules: - contemporary developments of welfare, Introducing social policy and history of British social policy. I am responsible for the course content, assessments, marking and archiving and liaising with other lecturers. I sure the course content is regularly updated.

I have just joined the Social Policy Association where I would like to explore how the policy team can improve their teaching and learning of our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Expertise Summary

On reflection after the last academic year, I realise I need to streamline/restructure the ISP module and take on board student feedback and comments to utilise certain changes for a more rewarding student experience. I have found first year UG respond to a more maternalistic/ paternalistic approach. The Policy team and I have also discussed freshening up and updating the PGT module- Research Methods and Research Management so there is a clearer and more defined introduction to the course and I as course convenor and the team want to include a session on quantitative methods for the next academic year and more structured seminars. I will be holding several meetings over the summer so these changes can be implemented in the Autumn semester. I will also update Contemporary Developments of Welfare with articles and resources to make sure the course is current and up to date in respect of contemporary developments in welfare I am arranging for a guest speaker to do a lecture on the NHS. I also conduct course reviews and take the students comments on board from the SET/STEM surveys so students, these are available. I will also continue to promote policy as my role of UG subject lead by liaising with the Liberal Arts programme to recruit more students and liaising with the Politics school in relation to introducing a joint honours programme with Social Policy.

I have taken an active role as subject lead for Social Policy on open days and offer holder days. I liaise with students and parents and give short taster sessions on Social Policy. The policy team led by myself have devised and updated the UG programme to be implemented in 2019/2020 to consider the teams specialisms and for students to engage more with social policy. This will hopefully attract more students on to the joint honours programme. I have also arranged a trip to the workhouse for UG to enhance the learning experience on History of British Social Policy and PGT on the Welfare Policy module. I have also arranged for a guest speaker from the Nottingham City Council to give a lecture on housing policy.

I am now taking an active part in the policy research centre and have attended several conferences in relation to higher education policy. I also took part in the dissertation conference for our third year UG and other conferences and guest lectures at the University and in the school. I also liaise with the external examiner to improve our assessment criteria so students can fully engage and have a deeper understanding of the module content.

As UG lead I attend all the UG board meetings and chair policy team meetings where we discuss how we can improve the UG and PGT programmes. I then try and implement changes that can improve the student experience. I have also been involved in peer observations which helps to improve my delivery and my teaching practice.

Finally, I am a judge on The Global Undergraduate Award Programme so the future of Sociology and Social Policy and academic excellence can be recognised. This has been an opportunity to engage with other academics in my area and recognise the academic ability of students on a global context.

Teaching Summary

I am currently subject lead for social policy on the undergraduate programme where the policy team and I have developed new modules on the joint honours degree to be introduced in September 2019. I… read more

I am currently subject lead for social policy on the undergraduate programme where the policy team and I have developed new modules on the joint honours degree to be introduced in September 2019. I am responsible for chairing meeting in relation to policy at various levels. I convene 3 modules at UG level and research methods at MA level. I have undertaken dissertation supervision for Masters in Public Policy and Public Administration and Masters International Social Policy to a 'good' and satisfactory standard. I have been supervising MA students since March 2018. I have supervised around 30 students who must meet with me around 5 times before their hand in date. This is to help them structure their dissertations and give advice. I have also marked UG dissertations and I was a seminar tutor for the most recent cohort of PGT students and convened the Research Methods module. I also arrange meeting with students if they need to see me for pastoral care or academic advice.

I have carried out marking duties for PGT and UG modules and I have always met the deadlines and marked consistently. I have marked on welfare policy, policy analysis, dissertation proposals, dissertation supervisor for PGT. I have marked and given feedback on UG dissertations, contemporary developments of welfare and I introducing social policy. I have also mark monitored quite a few modules for PGT Public policy and social policy. When my marking has been MM, I have always received positive feedback on the marks and the assignment briefs. I have been course convenor for Research methods and research management, Introducing Social Policy and Contemporary Developments in Welfare. I have restructured the ISP course where I have designed lectures and added quizzes and other resources to aid students learning. My SET scores have been above average in the last few years and SEM scores are above 20% aggregate

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