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Moldir Kabylova

Postgraduate Researcher,



Moldir graduated with BA in Social Policy from University of Kent and obtained MA in Public Policy from University of York. For undergraduate dissertation, she conducted a qualitative research on "Perceptions of students on wage gender gap in the United Kingdom", while topic of a final research project during Masters degree was focused on comparative studies of maternity leave policies of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic and an independent Republic of Kazakhstan.

Expertise Summary

Priory to commencing on PhD studies at University of Nottingham, Moldir has been working at a non-governmental organization the Eurasian Fund of Central Asia, where she helped to develop projects aiming to improve schoolgirls' and women's entrepreneurship skills in rural areas of Kazakhstan.

Research Summary

My supervisors are Professor Ruby Chau and Professor Pauline Jas.

Moldir is interested to research for her PhD thesis a struggle women face in the labour market after taking maternity leave in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Influence of social policies directed towards increase of female participation in the labour market and the government's agenda to achieve economic progress on the one hand and cultural norms prevailing on many levels of society including family, employment and media on the other seem to conflict with each other and might result in decreased opportunities for female workers after becoming mothers. The question of motherhood having jeopardizing impact on women's professional development has been chosen for research because women in Kazakhstan have enormous potential that the labour market is missing due to women's dominant share of unpaid work after becoming mothers.

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