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Murray Goulden

Associate Professor of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences


Recent Publications

  • 2013. This profile is not maintained: Please visit
  • GOULDEN, M and DINGWALL, R, 2012. Managing the Future? Models, Scenarios and the Control of Uncertainty. In: RYLEY, T and CHAPMAN, L, eds., Transport and Climate Change Ashgate.
  • GOULDEN, M, 2009. ‘Boundary-Work and the Human-Animal Boundary: Piltdown Man, Science and the Media’ Public Understandings of Science. 18(3), 275-291
  • GOULDEN, M and BALMER, A.S., 2009. ‘Almost Human: Scientific and Popular Strategies for Making Sense of “Missing Links”’. In: WAHLBERG, A and BAUER, S, eds., Contested Categories: Studies of the Life Sciences in Society Ashgate.
  • , GOULDEN, M, ISOLA, C and , 2009. Mapping Renewable Skills: 'Green Collar' Jobs in the Power Sector National Skills Academy for Power.
  • GOULDEN, M, 2007. Bringing Bones to Life: How Science Made Piltdown Man Human Science as Culture. 16(4), 333-357

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